Sunday, January 22, 2006

I go Ego

Funny thing happend last night. I'm trying to sleep -- just sort of in the drift zone. I'm thinking about this blog and how fun it will be to have posts up on my site when it hits me: what am I going to do when I want to post some thing that is potentially unflattering about my husband or my boss -- a friend, relative or co-worker? How do I disguise them? Aliases? Fictious names that only hint at their real identity? I certainly don't want to ruin reputations or hurt feelings....which could happen if the true identity is released. (hit the dramatic music, please).

My next thought was more realistic: 'Who exactly is going to be reading this anyway?' -- I'm sure not many people will even know of this site's existence - it is probably really just for me. My thoughts, musings and posting are probably of inconsequential importance to any one other than me, so...give it up, girlfriend. I won't be winning the blog award for meaningful, earth shaking posts.
What this whole throught process did reveal to me is how protective (scared) I am of revealing much of the "truth" from time to time. I've been thinking a lot lately about writing some sort of a book or, at least, as short story. Something sort of based on where I've been and experience I've had.

Then I realize that I may have to reveal things that I'm not so sure I want out there in the light of day (or under the bed-side reading lamp). Not that I've done any thing bad or that I really regret. It is just a different thing when you consider writing about it in any thing other than a journal, kept safely under a bed, secured by lock and key.

Maybe I should have set up this blog more anonoymously -- maybe I'd feel more confident in posting "real" things. Maybe not. More will be revealed.

On a lighter note: I had a good swim workout at the University's pool today. They host an "open swim" afternoon and I went with my friend Marcia (which, may or may not be her real name...) We are getting ready for our indoor triathlon in February.

I'm swimming better but still have a long way to go. My big challenge will be this summer's Lifetime Fitness tri in July. I did the sprint distance last year (on the hottest day of the summer, mind you). This year, I've signed up for the Olympic distance -- and the swim is the scary part for me -- 0.9 of a mile. Fortunately, I've got a lot of time before the event and will put in lots of time in the pool.

I'm getting ready to go out of town for a couple of business meetings. I'll be packing running and swimming gear and trying to get in as many workouts as I can inbetween meetings.

I'll also try to keep up the postings....and will also try to keep down my ego.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

So, the fun is about to begin -- my life in cyberspace.

I've been wanting to do this for a while. A good running friend of mine has a blog and I enjoy reading her posts. She is a runner too -- and posts about her adventures out on the trails.

I will be posting about my "athletic" endeavors too -- among other things. Who knows what will come up. I'm just another middle aged woman, looking to mark or, at a minimum, leave a mark, some where out there on the world-wide web.