Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reality -- and below zero temperatures -- Bites

Well, I did do the follow-up I committed myself to doing in my last post:

I tired to book an session with Dave (swim coach), but found the "Y" had changed their appointment website and my info (and three-remaining appointments) have been lost. Dave is looking in to this, but has not resolved the issue yet. Despite this, I have been in the pool a number of times. It feels good to be back in the water.

I also got on the scale. Yuck. I had been doing so well up until we left for vacation on December 20th. I put on a few lbs over the holidays, which is no fun and really wrecks havoc on my self esteem.

I should know by now, after more than 40 years battling my weight, several long, long years struggling with big, bad food issues and all that crap that is attached with it, that I'm more than just a number. But, that stupid number still has a lot of power over me -- especially when it is not one I want to see.

The funny thing is that my body fat percentage is in a very good range. I was participating in an indoor training class at my gym and we got measured three times during the 12-week session with the dreaded pinchers. Can I hang on to that number?


I see and measure my self by the one on the scale.



On another topic: training for Fargo Marathon started last Monday. There are only 15 people in the training group. Fourteen of them want to run 4:00 hour marathons; one wants to run a 4:30. I'm shooting for 5:30.

So, I'm the slowest poke out there.

One of my good friend's husband is the coach for the session and, as much as he wants me to be part of his group, there is no way I'll be able to keep up with them. I'll have to do this training on my own.

Fortunately, I've got a number of other friends that will train for the Fargo 1/2 marathon and they've generously offered to do some running with me. A couple of them have even offered to provide support for me when I start getting in to the long runs by riding beside me on a bike. I'm very lucky to have that support.

I've also checked in with my Tri Club to see what they do for training runs. Apparently they have a number of members that meet on Saturday mornings at a lake near my house. I've been told that the speeds and distances of the runners cover a wide range, so I think I'll check them out too.

The weather has been really awful lately. We are just finishing the second very cold snap of January. Air temps yesterday ranged between 14 below and 2 below zero. Wind chills were like mines 35. Brutal.

But, the days are getting longer, which means there is hope for spring's speedy return.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Starting Over -- again

New year, new look.

Not sure I love the new layout yet, but... it will do for today.

We are in the middle of a HUGE cold snap here in MN. Over the weekend, we were lucky to break zero degrees. It was mostly below zero with really ugly wind chills (-25 below).

I hate this time of year. Horrible cold; crunchy snow that isn't even pretty any more; still more darkness than light during the day. The doldrums are here for sure.

My workouts have been spotty since the holidays. I've been a little run down and my energy level reflects it. I've also been very reluctant to go to the gym once I'm bundled up in my warm jammies in my warm house.

It is not all bleak, though. I have hit some workouts and have even started to Spin and Swim again.

There are some Spin classes at the club near my office that happen over the lunch hour. I've gone to a couple of those and like them. I also got back in to the pool last week, which was a real dose of reality. I moved very slowly in the water.

I still have a few lessons left on my last swim package, but have been relucant to call him because I've been out of the loop (aka pool) so long.

Same excuse that I've been using for actually getting on the scale. I got on about mid December and felt okay about the results. I hadn't gained any weight since the summer. But then came Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Hubby's Mom's Birthday, Freezing Cold Weather, a few Chili Extravaganza's and POOF. I'm feeling sluggish and chubby and really don't want to see the number on the scale.

It is probably time to just face the music -- get on the scale and call Dave for a lesson.

The other pieces of hope came in small packages: I got my 2008 Membership card for the MN Tri Club. I've been a member of this club since 2006 -- mostly using it for open water swim clinics. I'm planning on getting more involved with the group this year, especially for bike rides.

I also got my first online newsletter for the Fargo Marathon.

Both of those small events reminded me that spring will indeed come and so will my events. I better be ready.

My first event will be Tri U Mah indoor tri. My friends Nat, Marcia and Mary will be doing it too. Hubby is registered but even further behind the training 8-ball than I am.

My biggest event for the year will be my first half-Ironman -- Pigman -- in Iowa on August 17th. i'm excited about the challenge and nervous about all the training.

Well, you gotta start some where... I'm going to log off now and make an appointment with Dave.

I'm still working on getting on the scale...