Friday, February 11, 2011

Travelin' and Tri U Mah

I've been a traveling fool lately.

Des Moines last week; Tempe this week; Charlotte next week. Hubby is manning the house and cats here in Minneapolis as I'm racking up the frequent flyer miles.

I don't typically mind the travel. It is kind of nice to have a change of work scenery; I enjoy seeing my co-workers in the different cities; nice to have a little change of pace.

Des Moines in February, though: not so nice. Especially during a blizzard. Snow, winds, freezing temps. I could get that just staying at home. TEMPE in February, on the other hand: quite very nice. Sunny, dry pavements, temperatures above 32 degrees. The temps were "chilly" for Tempe -- only getting in to the 60s, but considering air temps were in the single digits during the day in Minneapolis (and below zero during the night), I was quite happy to be in Arizona this week. Charlotte should be nice too -- not hot, but not freezing.

When I travel, I always find a health club or a "Y" or a natatorium so I can get workouts in. And usually, I'm pretty diligent. The last couple of weeks were more difficult to squeeze every thing in. Blizzards make it tough for the tiny rental car to mow through snow piles to get to the gym; meetings, dinner invitations from the boss are hard to turn down. So, although I did get some workouts in, I didn't get all my training in.

Yes, I feel guilty about it....

But, one more trip and then I'm done for a while. I can get back in to my routine. (On a sad note, once I settle back in at home, Hubby starts his three-week travelfest, so I'll be home, but he'll be on the road. I think we'll be in the same city again some time in late March...)

One very positive thing: I placed 3rd in my age group at this year's Tri U Mah indoor triathlon. I covered 12.224 miles in 90 minutes. (My best personal distance for this event.)

The first place woman is some one I know. She used to be part of a running club that I belonged to. She is a very speedy runner. I went further than she did during the swim; she slightly beat me on the bike; and then she kicked my a$$ on the run.

I was faster in the water AND on the bike than the woman who came in second. Again, I got my running shoe handed to me during the run.

My training plan hasn't focused much on running time or pace lately (obviously), but all that swimming and spinning paid off.

My coach reminded me that I'm right where I should be for February.

And tonight, that means I'm happily at home with Hubby and the cats.