Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Where did 2018 go?

I have not blogged in a long, long, LONG time.  (Like over a year - long - long time).

Not that nothing was going on during 2018.  There was... is... a lot happening. 

Time just....went.  Gone, bye.  

Now, I find myself here, at the last week of the year, looking back and eager to move on.

So much to be grateful for this year:

  • Health (hip is fine; amputated toe (another L O N G story) not an issue.  Still can bike, swim, golf and speedwalk.
  • Love (still with my hubby, my Warren, my Choppy.  Couldn't imagine life without him)
  • Work (left super  stressful job to move on to a much, much, much less stressful job.  People are great; should be a nice way to wind down the work part of my life)
  • New Adventures (joined the Golf Channel AmTour and played competitive golf with "the boys".  Got to Nationals (by sheer luck, not by talent); improved my game; had a blast.  Did my second IM 70.3 relay with Warren (Team Choppy).  We did IM 70.3 Indian Wells/LaQuinta.  Swam in 57 degree water.  Next year, Team Choppy becomes Team 19 Toes as we return to IM 70.3 North Carolina in October)
  • We finally got an AIRSTREAM!  (The Nest -- the smaller, fiberglass version, but we finally got it.  Already have a bunch of camping trips on the calendar for 2019)
  • Letting Go (most painful aspect was letting go of friends who, surprisingly, weren't really friends in the first place.  Still stinging a bit from that one....)
There is so, so much more.

This week, I'm planning out my race schedule; getting my calendar in order and cleaning out/touching up.  It is time to update some pictures and to recommit to blogging.  2019 is sure to be a banner year and I want to make sure to capture some great notes.

Merry, Happy, Healthy 2019 everyone!