Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Official: Chicago Marathon

My good friend Mary and I were going to run today -- until the cold snap hit.

It was only 4 above zero at 11:00 am. I was just getting around to making coffee and I checked out the temp outside by looking at the thermometer we have on the side of a little garden house we have in our back yard.

At that exact second, the phone rang and it was Mary. We both decided to skip the run today. There is running in the cold and then running in the COLD. We could think of no logical reason to run outside today.

For as unexcited as Mary sounded about running outside today, her tone was very excited when she told me that she signed up for Chicago Marathon.

Last weekend, the women that all ran Twin Cities with me last fall got together with our significant others for dinner. Oddly enough, all of us had visited Europe last fall. Not together as a group, but with our husbands or significant others.

We got together to share pictures and stories and, naturally, when a bunch of runners get together, the conversation turned to upcoming races.

Marcia is thinking of doing Marine Corps this fall with her husband -- it will be his first marathon.

Cheryl is not sure which marathon -- if any is on her agenda for 2007, but we did convince her to try to get in to Grandma's 1/2 marathon with us which happens in June.

Mary wasn't sure what she was going to do -- maybe Twin Cities again; maybe New York.

I had been thinking about signing up for Chicago this year. It is their 30th anniversary -- It is a great race and a fun weekend event.

I must have been convincing enough because Mary signed up for Chicago yesterday. I just completed my registration form before logging in to blog.

So, it's official: October 7th I'll be at that start line in Grant Park with 44,999 of my other most close and personal friends.

Other news: Hubby and I are going to Milwaukee next weekend for a long walk down my life's memory lane. Should have some good stories to post after our visit.

I started Weight Watchers on January 1st and lost two pounds the first week. Then I promptly put them back on last week. Very frustrating, very annoying, very depressing. I'd really like to drop 15 to 25 lbs. I feel like I'm doing a better job at avoiding sugar, but apparently it is not enough. I'll have to just keep plugging along.

It is a whole new week next week and I'm hoping for better results.



Laurie said...

Chicago will be awesome!

Weight loss is so difficult. My weight often fluctuates one or two pounds on a daily basis! You could have just had an off day when you weighed in. Don't get too worried about it. With hard work, you will lose the weight.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Exciting, you are going to do Chicago!!!!! And congrats on starting WW, I finished it last year, lost about the same as you are going to (notice I said GOING TO). It works, it really does, but chin up, there will be rough weeks and great weeks. I bet that, coupled with your running, the lbs will come off you much faster than they came off me. So go get 'em!

Dori said...

Oh boy! Chicago! Good for you for commiting. I'm hoping we can run Wells Fargo 1/2 again this year. Are you game?

Tom said...

Hi Amy,

Just came across your blog and wanted to wish you the best training for the Chicago Marathon. You talked about how great it is, and I agree. I've been running the CM for years.

Hang in there with your weight goal. I wrote separate posts this week about managing my weight and the Chicago Marathon if you care to read them.

Good luck and keep up your good work.