Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tri U Mah -- 1st tri for 2007

I participated in the 3rd Annual Tri U Mah Indoor Triathlon today at the University of Minnesota. This event was the first triathlon that I ever did -- way back when in 2005.

The event is different than regular tri's in that participants swim, bike and run for 30-minutes in each sport, with a 10-minute transition between swim/bike and bike/run. The winners are determined by total distance covered during the 30-minute segments.

It is also different than most tri's because participants swim in a POOL -- in their own LANE without people swimming over them or having to do much siteing. As long as you can see the big blue line at the bottom of the pool, you are going to find the other side of the swim lane. Love that part.

Hubby did the tri with me last year -- but this year he opted to just be my cheer squad and personal photographer. Go HUBBY!

The photo at the top of this post is one my swim coach would love -- I'm gliding nicely on my side, my right arm is outstretched, with my left arm coming up on the rail to meet it, my head is looking straight down -- the only criticism I can hear my coach say is "get your head underwater"....

The other swim photo is 'artsy' and kind of cool -- and the one below of me on the bike is blurry, but I like it because it simulates how fast I was going at the time. ha ha.

It was a great swim for me -- I went .76 of a mile in the 30 minute time frame. My first year (before swim lessons), I covered .59 miles. Last year, .61 miles. I was very proud of my swim distance this year.

The bike was okay -- 6.42 miles (more than last year, less than 2005) and the run was 2.49 miles (slightly more than last year, slightly less than 205). I'm definitely carrying more weight this year than in years past and that is reflected in my times for the "dry land" events.

All in all, I covered more distance this year than ever -- 9.67 -- still less than my personal goal of 10 miles. I can't complain much though. I feel like it is a good start for my 2007 season.

My good friend Kathy and her husband did the event today too -- their first ever tri. They looked great in the water and I captured this shot of them on the bikes, still smiling and looking strong:

Training will start for Grandma's on February 24th. (Can you believe it???) That should help me increase my land speed -- however, I know that I have got to do some thing about my ever-increasing weight.

I have to see the doctor tomorrow morning (regular check up time). This is the check up that I cancelled in January because I didn't want to get on the scale. I've only INCREASED my weight since then, so tomorrow will be no picnic.

However, there is no time like the present to get depressed, feel like a miserable failure so I can get my act together. Again, ha ha.


WannaBe5Ker said...

Wow, bravo on doing the tri! How cool that it was indoors, that is so civil!!!

GL @ the doctor, you are NOT a failure, I would have sunk to the bottom of the pool in no time flat, so you are positively buoyant! :-) GL

Marcia L said...

Congrats on the great "mileage" on the tri! You're an absolute fish in that water. You go, girl!!!

I've got the same dilemma with my weight. I gotta work on the same.

See you around!

Dori said...

Congratulations on your tri! You've made a huge improvement from the past two years and should be proud. You're on your way to a PR at the LTF Triathlon in July. :-)