Thursday, March 8, 2007


It has been an absolute whirlwind since I last posted.

I did get in to Grandma's 1/2 marathon...yea! However, a lot of my running buddies did NOT get in this year. Entries to the 1/2 are selected via a lottery -- last year, pretty much everyone I know except me got in to the race. This year, it looks like it is me, Mary K (one of my training partners from last year's TCM marthon, Marty (my friend Marcia's hubby), MN Nat , and Bea. There is still a small chance that some of our other friends will get in the race, but there may be a small field of running buddies to train with this spring.

We've been training, but not too hard yet. Minneapolis got socked with about 24" of snow at the end of last week and it has been a bit cold and slippery out on the paths. Our temps have improved a bit, so things are melting AND we will have more daylight out there after Sunday's spring-forward movement of the clock, so that will help too.

Hubby and I will go to Las Vegas towards the end of March. We both had carry-over vacation days from last year that we had to use before the end of the first quarter, so we looked at our options and are heading back to Sin City. We'll relax a bit, gamble and play golf. That sounds like heaven to me.

Hubby's parents, siblings and spouses will be there the same time we will. We are going to stay on the Strip and they will stay downtown, so we won't be see each other the whole time, but will spend some time together.

I'm trying to get my sister and her husband to join us -- we'll see. Might be a whole reunion out there in the desert.

I've been taking some new action regarding my weight and nutrition. I'm not quite ready to post about the changes I'm attempting yet -- but can say that I'm trying very had to give up white sugar. It's been about 11 days. My good friend Dori was my "no sugar" inspiration.

With the exception of having a piece of Hubby's bithday cake, I've been successful in avoiding candy, cookies and all my crutch foods.

I'm pretty much hating every second if it.


Dori said...

Eleven days--good job! I had a "sugar dream" this morning, where I was eating out of a big bag of M&Ms until I remembered that I gave up sugar. Then I woke up.

Nat said...

I've been trying the no sugar thing too. It's tough. Sugar is in everything!

Marcia L said...

Holy Cow! Everyone (but me!) is rocking with this no sugar thing??? I've substituted water for my diet coke (only 2 cans of diet coke in the last 3 days) so that's a major improvement.

Way to go, Amy!!!