Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Tuesday, so this must be Portsmouth...

I flew out here at the crack of dawn today to deliver some training to some of my work colleagues here.

I love this town. I've been here four times and each time has been really wonderful.

Portsmouth is a very cute New England coastal town. The houses are great, the town square a wonderful place to walk, drink coffee and window shop. The harbour is fantastic...

I've done some great running here too. Tonight was no exception. I only went out for about 35 minutes, but I'm really supposed to be tapering. LifeTime Fitness triathlon is Saturday. I went out tonight to work through a few cobwebs, run off some calories from dinner and to try to relax a bit.

I have one more long swim tomorrow morning and then I'll really pull back on the training to try to shore up some energy and glycogen before Saturday.

Great thing about the web: when traveling for work, I can plug in the name of the town I'm visiting, the sport I want to do and voila! A list of places to "do my thing" pops up. I'll be swimming in the community pool -- should be good...

The swim is my biggest concern. I've struggled a bit during the last couple tri's during the swim and the LifeTime swim is significantly longer (0.9 miles as opposed to 0.3 miles).

Tomorrow, the goal is to swim a mile, just so I know I can do it.

One other little thing that I've forgotten to mention: I'm actually a sponsored athlete (!). Toyota's Engine of Change campaign is sponsoring 130 athletes of all ages and abilities from across the country this year.

I filled out an application and they picked me as one of 10 people to represent LifeTime. Kind of a cool thing. I get a uniform to race in, get to participate at the Expo and have a bio on the website.

I can also say that I'm a sponsored athlete and watch all those faster, younger, smugger runners look at me in absolute amazement. Not because they are in awe, but more because they can't figure it out!

Hurray for the older, slower athletes like me!


WannaBe5Ker said...

Just checked out the Toyota website, what a neat bio, you sponsored athlete, you! VERY cool!

GL with your long swim, and in tapering for the tri! :-)

AmyK said...

Good luck Amy! I plan to come put and watch!!

Dori said...

Hey, it's Thursday. I hope you're resting! I hope to stop by and see you race on Saturday; I have to run 14 miles that day. If I don't see you before the big event, GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be sending good thoughts your way.