Friday, October 26, 2007

Could this TAPER last any LONGER????

Holy cow!

I feel like I've been tapering for a million years.

Chicago Marathon was supposed to be my fall race. I was trained, primed and ready.

Then -- the race fiasco...not enough water or Gatorade; horribly high temps along with that lovely midwest humidity. The race officials closed down the race -- bringing home thousands of runners before the end of the event.

Closing the race was the smart thing to do given the conditions -- although I do have lots of mixed feelings about the decision and having to be rerouted to the end.

New York Marathon was to be my "fun" event. The course is open for 8 hours (although if you finish after 6.5 hours, you don't get a medal). I figured I could really take my time, do a lot of walking, enjoy the day...


Now I have to run the event for "real" and it is still over a week away. The race is Sunday, November 4th.

I've been running fairly religiously since Chicago, including one last long run last week of 19 miles. That run was brutal. I hurt everywhere.

Taper can be very hard. Cutting back mileage, still have a huge and hearty appetite; feel sluggish and a little unmotivated. This one has been going on since two weeks BEFORE Chicago. Enough already!

Having said that, I will also say that I have had some really great runs on Monday/Wednesday evenings. Since "official" training is over I've had to hit the trails by myself a couple evenings.

I've seen deer along the downtown trail three separate times during these runs. I love seeing deer. First, I think they are beautiful, graceful animals. Second, I think they are good luck.

With the sun going down so early now, the deer come out to look for food. It is amazing how many live within the city border. The full Hunter's Moon is also quite a wonder to behold on my runs. The moon is very full and very bright just adding to the very peaceful feel out on the trails.

One more taper 'long' run tomorrow (about 8 miles) and then I just have to wait out the week until we leave for NY.

I'm hoping that I'm still trained enough to have a good race. I'm excited for the crowds, I'm excited for the trip. I'm excited to be traveling with Hubby and Sabrina. I'm not so excited about the "hills" (aka bridges), but should hopefully be able to handle them with the grace of a deer.


Marcia L. said...

I know you'll do great at the New York Marathon, Amy! That's what 2007 has been about for you! Have fun in the big apple. I can't wait to hear the details of your success!!!

Sunshine said...

Best wishes in NYC!!
We had a great time last year; hoping you do.