Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter -- bleah

Man, have we had a turn of weather since Turkey Day!

San Francisco and the Thanksgiving holiday were both wonderful. The weather was clear, sunny and unusually warm while Hubby and I were visiting with the rest of the family.

We were all out at Stinson Beach, which is a wonderful stretch of land near San Francisco. The trip was fun and very relaxing. It was really great to visit my family.

We came back to cold and grey weather though and it has only gotten worse since then.

The snow started on December 1st.... just in time for the Reindeer Run, a 5K race held every year at Lake Harriet.

The race was event that the team I had been coaching (Marianne and Sangreal) had been training for.

Everyone met at my house, since I live so close to the Lake. The Reindeer Run always attracts hundreds of runners (literally) so it is just easier to park at the house, use warm, dry "facilities" and then head off to the start line.

Marianne has been a friend of mine for a long time. She's part of my running group and was making her running come back after taking a little time off during the last year.

Sangreal is new to running. She is peppy, kind, funny and a darn good runner. Reindeer Run was her first race ever and she was raring to go!

As we were leaving my house, the snow flakes started to fall, and fall, and fall. By the time the race started, the snow was sticking to the ground and by the time we all crossed the finish line, there was actual 'accumulation'. (Accumulation is what us folks from the Snow Belt call any snow coverage that you actually have to shovel).

We all finished the event in fine form -- and I was very proud of both of them.
We tried to take a self-portrait after the event, and you can see for your self how well that worked...Oh well, the photo is still pretty cute and you can see how happy every one is to have finished!
And just like that, my 2007 race season was over...
Winter, however, was just starting and it has been cold and snowy ever since.

I'm already sick of the cold and am longing for golf, green and running unfettered by layers of clothing.


At least we are only eight days away from the solstice and then the days start getting longer!

(I'm practicing optimism. Is it working??)


Sunshine said...

This December is too much winter too soon after the hot Chicago marathon.
Congratulations on running the Reindeer Run. We drove by Lake Harriet around 9:30 that morning on the way to myeloma information/ support group in St. Louis Park. Thought of you all in that snow!!

Marcia L said...

Way to go Reindeer runners!

Love the photos!