Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brief Update

I switched from Fargo FULL to Fargo 1/2 marathon.

The distance just seems to be so much more agreeable.

Been running with some friends again -- which makes all the difference.

Well wishes to my friend NAT, recovering from her surgery.

Warm well wishes to my friend Bev, who is working through her own health challenge...

Will post more this weekend, when I actually have some "time".


Sunshine said...

Thanks for stopping by.
We 3 would love to meet you and Nat. Seems like we sort-of know you.
We will be doing the Get-In-Gear
10K (Minnehaha Park start) next Saturday. We will be there looking for a parking place more than an hour ahead.
We live in Washington County, so we do a lot of running on the Gateway Trail.
Wishing you a good Saturday!

Dori said...

The half is much more agreeable. And there is much to be said to running with your friends. Good luck!:-)

Marcia L. said...

We'll have great fun at the Fargo Half! I'm glad you're making the changes that work for you.

See you around the club! Can't wait to catch up with you in our summer training endeavors.

Sunshine said...

Hope the training is going well.