Sunday, October 5, 2008

TC 10 Miler: wet but wonderful

I ran the TC 10 Miler today (part of Twin Cities Marathon events).

The first thing I have to do, is thank my good friend Mary and her daughter, Layla, for coming to the race to cheer me on.

They waited in the freezing cold, pouring rain (see below) to watch me cross the finish....and, because of the layers and bulk of all the clothing items people wore, missed me in the crowd. Still and all, they were there, and after the race, they they took me to breakfast. What wonderful friends.

The race started at 7:13 am (right before dawn) and it was very chilly and very cloudy. It had rained a little bit before 5:40 am, making the roads slick, but it had stopped by the time were were lining up for the start.

As I was putting my warm clothes bag in to the shuttle van, I ran in to an old running buddy of mine: Heidi. I met Heidi several years ago when she was training for her first marathon (Grandmas). We trained together with some other really fun friends including Amy P and Mary B. As happens, life sort of got in all of our ways in the forms of babies, moving out of the city; moving out of the state, etc. It was great to see her and it reminded me to send out a few emails to reconnect this week...

(What a difference a year makes. Last year, my friends and I ran == or attempted to run == Chicago Marathon. As many of you may recall, it was hot and humid and the course supplies (like, uh, water....) were in very short supplies.

Chicago ended up shutting the race down. People were dehydrated and over heated. One person died. Many, many went to the hospital. My friend Nat and I got to mile 18 before they closed the course and diverted us back to Grant Park. Other friends, Marcia, Mary and Cheryl were slightly behind us on the course when they got sent back to Grant Park.

TCM was held the same date as Chicago last year. It was hot and humid here too, and I heard that the temp was in one degree shy of shutting down the race here.)

So today, "layers" were the smart thing to wear -- to keep warm. Not to help with runner recognition.

I ran very well, despite not having much "training" around this one, and ended up PRing this event by about 7 minutes and 41 seconds (off gun time); 8:32 off of chip time.

2008: Chip time: 1:47:38; gun time: 1:51:25

2005 (last time I ran TC 10 Miler): Chip time: 1:56:16 Gun time: 1:59:06

I've been sort of slug since the end of August. I'm swimming (a little); running (some); biking (not at all). Work is out of control; I'm in a little funk (still). But Greg says that it is okay to pull back after a peak event, so....all is not lost.

(By the by, Greg ran the marathon today, keeping pace for his girlfriend Devon. I think it was Devon's first marathon. They both finished in about 4:02. Very impressive for a first time result and running in the rain).

I really like the 10 mile course. It starts at the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis and winds west along a beautiful river road, crossing up and over in to St. Paul. We share the same last eight miles with the marathon course, stretching along Summitt Avenue, a wonderful street lined with huge homes.

I wore a long sleeved light dri fit shirt and layered it with a dri fit tee. I also wrapped a Sugoi jacket around my waist (which annoyed the crap out of me) until I hit mile 8.5 and the wind picked up.

It got C O L D. Needless to say, I was no longer annoyed with the jacket...

About mile 9, it started to R A I N.

Soon, it was C O L D and R A I N Y. Really RAINY. I was very happy I had that jacket.

As I rounded the last turn at the Cathedral and moved towards the Capital, I started to look for Mary and Leilah. We just missed each other in the crowd.

By the time I crossed the finish line, I was pretty well soaked. I got a MEDAL! I did not get one in 2005.

(Not sure if they gave medals this year because it is the 10th anniversary of the event, or if they do it as a regular "perk" now....who cares! It's just always nice to get a medal. That is the "tear" or "raindrop" looking item in the lower left corner of the photo above).

I got my warm clothes bag, met Mary and we hightailed it to the car and seat warmers!

So: one more longer distance race to go for the year: Monster 1/2 Marathon (10/25). Mary, Marcia, Gary and I are running it.

Should be a spooky fun time.


Nat said...

Amy, you are a rockstar. You kicked but on this run today! I was thinking of you this morning and hoping you were staying warm. I watched for you online (the online finishers camera) but didn't see you come in :( I miss running with you. Once we both get our lives back, I'll be back at your side on the trails!

Dori said...

Great job, Amy! Sorry you had such horrible condtions, but that's racing for ya. I didn't realize you were running today.

When I ran my first marathon, TCM 2003, I got to mile 15 before I boarded the sweep bus. When I got off, I saw all the 10 mile finishers walking around with a medal around their neck and it pissed me off! I once told someone that I didn't think they should give out medals for half marathons. However, I have two--Disneyland and Fargo--and I'm as proud of those as I am of my marathon medals. I know now that it's not the distance, it's the effort getting to the finish line that matters. :-)

Marcia L said...

OMG - I am soooo proud of you for running in that rain and race! Way to go, girl! And what a great PR!!!

That medal looks soooo cool. I know you will be wearing it with pride. Congrat on the fabulous job despite the challenging weather!


Wow--great race effort and fabulous PR!!

Sunshine said...

Fun to read your account of the 10 Mile. Sure wish we had seen you, too.
Thanks for checking up on me. Life has been pretty full for the last month.
Congratulations on a good race!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the run! What a cut in time!

Chicago was alittle better this year but they were more prepared.

Sunshine said...

We did the Des Moines Marathon last weekend.. and no disasters happened!! It did not rain, there were no fires delaying the start.
It was not 85 degrees with no water.

We had a great time.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sorry, I haven't been by in a while! Nice job at the 10-miler! And I hope you and your friends did well today too!! Thanks for spotting me!