Monday, December 29, 2008

This One's for Nat

I got an email from my friend Nat today: "Checked out your blog. Nothing new..."

Well, first, this is really an instance of the pot calling the kettle "Chalphalon". She hasn't blogged since December 21st, so....harumph!

Seriously though, not much new.

Christmas was nice and quiet. We spent Christmas eve with my sister and brother-in-law. We ate wonderful food, played pool, ate more food and watch a little James Bond. (This was a gift for the boys). They all drank. I had coffee and cookies. Yum.

Christmas day was spent with Hubby's family. There was a whole lot less drama than there was on Thanksgiving, which was terrific.

Like most families, I find some of my relatives-by-marriage a bit difficult to deal with.

I'm sure (fact is I know, based on the way I get treated by some of them) that they think I'm not really a picnic either.

So it goes.

Hubby and I did not do a lot about presents this year. He got me personalized golf balls and I got him mittens from North Face.

We really have all that we need: a house that doesn't have a mortgage payment that is continually resetting; jobs (at least for today); health (the most important thing); cats (almost as important as health) and each other (the BEST!).

Thank heavens.

Oh: I'm also blessed with a number of wonderful friends, like Nat, who put up with me and love me for reasons unknown.

(Hey: it's YOUR turn to post....)


Steve Stenzel said...

Folks marrying into the family are ALWAYS the fun ones to deal with!!

Just a note to check my post from today. I have 3 workouts coming up where I'm looking for buddies: #1-Intervals at the Dome tomorrow. #2-Indoor track meet on Thursday. #3-Stairs by the JJ Hill House on Saturday. You're invited!

Steve Stenzel said...

p.s. Dome Running isn't open this week - closed for the holidays. I just found out...

Marcia L said...

Sooooo.... I take it your relatives-by-marriage don't log onto your blog!

Family drama - every family has it!

I'm gearing up and looking forward to 2009. Get ready - here I come!

Sunshine said...

We really have all that we need! Yes!

Thanks for posting: always interesting.

We will be at the indoor track at Bethel University on New Years Morning.
(We leave my sister-in-law's party around 10 on New Years Eve...Huh!)


Have a Happy New Year!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for your comment/input: that's sweet!!