Sunday, May 10, 2009

Far GO!


Fargo 1/2 was last Saturday.

I had lots of fear and anxiety about the race.

I've resembled a slug for most of the winter -- swimming a bit here and there; running about once per week; spinning about twice per month.

Not really sure WHY I've been such an unmotivated individual, but that was what it was....

My friends Mary, Nat and Marcia, who were all signed up for the race too, were also less interested in training this time around. (Marcia was the most dedicated of all of us, with Mary close behind....)

But, time moved ever forward, as it is known to do, and POOF, there we were last Friday, in Fargo, North Dakota, picking up race numbers and fearing the worst:

Cold temperatures, wind that would knock you to your knees, cold temps and a weather prediction for rain and snow. In May.

None of us were very excited to run in the rain, wind and cold. We had lots of excuses that we were going to pull out of the bag in the morning to allow ourselves to NOT run.


We woke up and the sun was peaking out from the clouds. The winds were minimal at best. Rain? What rain?

It was cloudy, but other than that, a perfect day for a run in North Dakota. The temps were in the high 40s, the pavement dry.

The crowd support fantastic, the bands and music along the course engaging.

We all started together and stuck together for most of the race. We did get a little split up from about mile 7 to 12, but then each of us ran together again.

The last mile, Marcia kicked it in to HIGH gear and took off. She looked very strong and just gave it her all. (Shows you what training does, huh?)

Mary and I crossed the line together and Nat came in just slightly after all of us.

I think we were all really happy to have this one in the bag.

I was most happy that for parts of the race, I felt like a runner again. This was a happy reminder of what I love about participating in races and actually doing the training
So, my alarm is set for 5:15 am so I can get to my Master's swim class at 6:00 am.

My first outdoor tri is 4-weeks away!


Beth said...

Glad you guys had a great race! Glad you are feeling like a runner again heading into the tri season. We are both doing Rochester Oly, so it will be fun to follow along with your training. Congrats!

Dori said...

Good job, Amy! I'm glad you ran it anf didn't give in to the weather. I'm jealous that you all ran together and was wishing I was there with you.

WADDLER26.2 said...

let's hope for some really warm weather for the next 4 weeks.

Nat said...

Awesome job at Fargo! I hope I now will start training...I am relying on you to motivate me. :)

Sunshine said...

A million congratulations, Awesome Minnesota Women Runners!!
Good luck on your training.

Marcia L said...

Again - it was great to run with people I know and love! I am also glad it's over. It's always a relief to me to have survived an event. Another one "in the bag"! Now on to tri season!!!

Nat said...

I love this picture...even though I am feeling quite ill, one would never know!