Sunday, July 19, 2009

One week to go: Chisago

Chisago 1/2 Iron is next week Sunday.

Am I ready?

No. will be what it will be.

What will be fun about the event:

A bunch of friends are doing the 1/2 event too: Nat, Gary, Marc T and Dave H. (It will be the first 1/2 event for the boys).

A team of friends partnered to do the 1/2 as a relay: Marcia will swim; Mary K will bike and Cheryl will run.

It is always nice to have a posse of people all doing the same event. You can cheer each other on or commiserate or fret or even congratulate.

It will be fun to have so many familiar faces in the transition area and out on the course with me.

What will not be so fun about the event:

As evident by my complaints in this blog, this has not been my year of dedicated training. Sure, I've biked; I've swam and I've run, but I really didn't put in the total time I should have for the races I'm doing.

So, I'm expecting a bit of a painful race.

It will be what it will be.

Last week, I was in Charlotte delivering a week's worth of training. I had hoped to get in a lot of uninterrupted workout time, but got laid up with a nasty head cold. So instead of killing myself with workouts, I babied my self with sleep.

I did do some training while I was out there and then wrapped up the week with a really great long run yesterday and a 3-hour bike ride today.

So -- it will be what it will be.


The ride today was a sponsored ride hosted by my tri club. Riders could go up to 100 miles -- Nat, Mary, Mark, Dave and I only went out for about 3 hours.

It was a good ride, but Marc ended up with 3 flats and Nat had one. Marc's tires are very old -- so he had the same tire pop three separate times. Nat has "sensitive" tires, and popped her tube while riding over some fine gravel.

At least they both figured it out today and could take care of the problem. Next week, flats during the race would be a big drag.


After the bike clinic, I met Kathy T (Marc's wife) and Sarah at Lake Harriet. We all went to a Women's Sailing Clinic. I shared a boat with Sarah. Cynthia, our skipper, was a really great instructor and, even though we had very little wind, we had a great time.

After the clinic, Hubby and I grilled steaks and veggies and were able to enjoy delicious food and a beautiful evening.

It was a very full weekend and a great way to move in to taper week.


Marcia L said...

You're one busy woman, Amy! I predict your 1/2 ironman next weekend will be a very postive experience for you. Keep on sharing that fun in your life!

Vertical Man said...

It's all in your perspective. I completed a half-IM without training for 3 months...not once. My coach told me to think of it as the world's longest taper!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Enjoy your taper--you've got a great attitude.

Beth said...

I hope you have a great time and enjoy the race with your friends. You've gotten some good bike time and have already had some good races. Enjoy the taper!

Sunshine said...

Belated best wishes for a great time!! Looking forward to the report.