Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Tri 2009

I can not believe that my last tri event of 2009 happens this Saturday -- Square Lake Short course.

This year has absolutely whizzed by.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said for my performance at any of my events this year.

All in all, it has been a pretty disappointing physical year for me.

I'm worse shape than I've been in for the last two years.

I've struggled with having much motivation within my personal, professional or physical lives.

The summer was cold and pretty much non-exsistant.

I got involved in not one but TWO disappointing running groups.

I bagged my first outdoor tri of the summer because it was cold (call me "wimpy"); I'm bagging on Twin Cities Marathon because I couldn't get my mojo together to actually train (call me "lazy")

I really understand that I have no one to blane for MOST of the issues I list above except myself.

I ate the chocolate covered peanuts; I hit the snooze alarm over and over and over; I got my undies in a bundle because the Running Groups weren't what I wanted. (I did NOT control the weather, I get a pass on that).

For all my complaints, there were high points:

I did had fun doing the 1/2 iron distances (even through I walked the 1/2 marathon portion of one and did the other as a relay)

I have an awesome new bike.

I am swimming better than ever.

I still have a posse of wonderful tri and running friends who put up with me.

My golf game improved a lot this summer.

So, yin and yang. Ebb and flow. One step forward, two steps (and about 15 lbs) back.

Not one to leave on sour note, or "Well, There's a Way to SNAP my Motivation Back":

After Square Lake, I'm going to Madison to volunteer at Ironman Wisconsin. Nat is coming along too. AND, I'm 99.9% sure I'll be lined up with the other volunteers on Monday morning to register for the 2010 event.

If swimming 2.4, biking 112 and running 26.2 doesn't jolt me back in to Motivation Land, I'll be trading in all my athletic stuff for applique tee shirts, elastic waist band and support hose...


jvanis said...

Hey, Good luck this weekend, I will be doing Square Lake Short as well for the last one of the season. I have been following your blog a while and just now posting. Lets hope for good weather this weekend!

Sunshine said...

Hope you had a good day today. And it looks to me like you had a terrific summer. Congratulations. (Glad you didn't try to do it without chocolate.)

Beth said...

I was glad to see your smiling face lining up for the swim yesterday. Thanks for that! It sounds like we are both having trouble getting our mojo going and our weight down. You are right, though, there is an ebb and flow to training over the years. You've made a lot steps forward and, more importantly, you kept going. I can't wait to hear about IM Moo. Have a great time!

Dori said...

So, how was it? I hope you had fun.

Sorry I didn't have my act together when in town recently. I was staying with friends and my time wasn't really my own, so I didn't know my schedule.

Sorry to hear you won't be doing TCM. Do they let you defer for a year?