Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last Week: pull back week. Ahhhhhh

I got a bit of a pull back week last week, going from 10+ hours of training down to about 7.25.


Training did include a 2-hour brick: 1 hour biking, 1 hour running. The brick went surprisingly well. I biked on my own, but met Nat for the run portion.

It makes a huge difference to have someone else with you motivating you and keeping your minutes "honest".

I also went to Gear West and got "fit" on my bike. I'm riding a road bike for IM WI -- crazy, I know. I'm not clear that I'll do any other Iron races after Wisconsin, so investing in a tri bike does not make sense to me.

Coach is fine with me riding my road bike -- but wanted to make sure that it fits me and that I'm comfortable and swift.

I saw Kevin at GW. He is AWESOME. Friendly, informative, funny and great to work with. He got me all set up and I really am much more comfortable on my bike.

He clipped on the aerobars that I'll use and upgraded my seat for a squosh more comfort.

Dan and Kevin both talked to me about renting race wheels for IM WI. I was not so sure about it, thinking that I'd look like a total nerd riding my goofy road bike with spiffy race wheels.

But, they both shared enough stories about how race wheels really will help me with my bike time, it looks like renting is a good way to go.

This week, training feels "manageable". Next week: my first ride of over 3 hours. Three and a HALF to be precise.

Looks like volume is definitely increasing.


Nat said...

Crap! 3.5 hours? You're kidding right? My butt hurts just thinking about that. Oh and I think once we get past the we're never doing this again comments after IM WI, IM AZ is supposed to be fun....bwah ha ha ha!

IronSnoopy said...

Tons of people ride road bikes at IMMOO and tons of people ride road bikes with race wheels! Definitely do it if you can!

3.5 hours. You'll do it. :-)

Dori said...

I'm so excited for you! What kind of clips do you use? I don't like the clips I have--they're too hard to release from and that scares me. I saw some that were little round ones and wondered if they would be better.

Badgergirl said...

Nice job on the workouts. Can't wait to hear how that 3.5 hour bike session goes!

Sunshine said...

What a week! Hope yours is super.