Thursday, April 1, 2010

Readers, weepers and update

Readers: for Beth:

Yes, I actually own all these pairs of glasses.

My eye sight started to change when I was in my mid-40s.

All of a sudden, I could no longer read shampoo bottles or cereal boxes. (I know, I know "squeeze out a dime size squirt of shampoo; rub on to wet hair, rinse, repeat"...)

Now newspapers, magazines, basically any lettering smaller than font size "10" or up close is tough Hence, the collection of readers.

Fortunately, I only need magnification "100" and my distance eye sight is great.

Once my eyesight started to go, I figured that if I had to wear glasses, they were going to be fun.

I buy my glasses at the funky kiosks you can find in malls like The Mall of America. I've had to buy a couple of emergency pairs if I suddenly find myself with out a set at work. Macy's Optical Department has a few pairs that are cute and reasonably priced at about $10.00.

And yes, I am actually contemplating taping a pair to my bike when I do IM WI. If I have to change a flat, I'll be lost without glasses.

Unless, of course, I start training like the military and practice changing a tire while wearing a blindfold...

Weepers: for Nat and Steve (All others be forewarned. Skinned knee pic ahead.)

Nat, I think you'll appreciate this and Steve, you'll definitely appreciate this:

SECOND three hour ride of the season so far done today. Yippee!

Unlike the 3 1/2 "sit-fest" I did on the trainer, this time I rode outside! The weather was warm and comfortable. I started about an hour before rush hour, hoping to avoid rush-hour crazies on the road and the biking novices that swarm the bike paths when the weather warms up.

I was just past Minnehaha Creek on my way home, riding along the parkway when I approached a to a bike path crossing. There were signs warning cars, a stop sign and the road was marked.

This woman driving a SVU of some sort was approaching the cross way. She looked to her left (my way), looked me straight in the eye and started to slow down.

"Cool", I thought! "She must be a biker!"


Once the light dawned on for her that, if she hit the gas, she wouldn't have to stop for the nano-second it would take me to get across the street, she put the pedal to the metal and ran the stop sign.

I braked, but didn't clip out in time and THUMP. There I was on the sidewalk.

A skinned knee, a little road rash and a good story.

UPDATE: I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.


Nat said...

OOWWWWW! Crap! I hate maniacs in cars. Hence why I have grown to love the boonies and country roads of Chaska and yes, even my trainer. Man Amy, that looks painful....makes me wince just looking at it. Well, the good news: you have your one done for the year! I will be riding the trainer tomorrow.

IronSnoopy said...

Owie! I'm sorry she didn't stop for you.

But YAY YOU for your ride!!!

Beth said...

I love all of your readers! I have two so far but I'm not convinced that I have the right power. I think I could use an eye exam anyway, and then I will work on my collection.
I'm so sorry about the skinned knee. :( I hope she felt terrible that she made you fall down.

Sunshine said...

Ouch ouch ouch! So sorry.
Thanks for your comment about my hip.. helps with not thinking I'm crazy.
We looked for you last Sunday at the 8K.. only we were at the 8K on this side of the Mississippi: the Human Race. Some day we will find you.