Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am whispering, just in-case the Tri Gods hear me and decide to throw a little "fun" my way....

Chisago 1/2 iron tri is coming up on Sunday.




I sort of hate writing that sentence down, lest it be construed as overconfidence. Or just plain confidence. But....

Ready for Chisago, mind you, NOT READY (yet) for Ironman Wisconsin....

I've been training since January. I've been putting in the time and the effort putting miles in on the bike, and the trainer; in the pool or lake and on treadmills and running paths.

I've covered the distance for the 1/2 a few times already -- I've even completed one 1/2 already this year, so the distance doesn't scare me.

I can even overcome those crazy-making voices in my head:

"Ready, huh? Don't you remember last year, when you did Chisago and the bike sucked so bad that you were ready to quit, but put your running shoes on anyway and then WALKED the ENTIRE 1/2 marathon????

Oh AND, this year, the bike course is hillier! What do you say about that???"

I say: I feel ready.

What I'm NOT saying is that I'll definitely PR or have an easy race. But I am going in to this race better prepared mentally and physically than I was last year, which is really great.

It should be a very fun day -- lots of my friends will be racing too: Nat, Marcia, Gary, Amy S, Brent C, Patrick, Derek and loads of others. The weather is supposed to cooperate too.

What I'm not so ready for is the additional 56 miles I'll put on the bike AFTER the race.

Yes, my coach thinks it would be a "good idea" for me to do 112 miles on the bike, so.... pedal I will.

Ultimately doing the extra distance will help for Ironman, so



Sunshine said...

Sure you are! You go Strong Woman!

IronSnoopy said...

You ARE ready.

Go, have fun, have a great race! :-)

Beth said...

You are SOOOO ready! You've shown that you can do it and you will do it. Good luck and I hope you have a great race!

Betsy said...

Have a great race. Even though I did mine last weekend I'm really wishing I was going to be out there this weekend.

Doing another 56 after...that will take some grit but you got it! And it will be so worth it in 7 weeks...OMG!


Hope it's a fantastic race!

Fe-lady said...

Congrats on your 6:55...well done!

Christina said...

AMY! You are amazing!! I saw your Facebook status that you PR'd and you killed it! Congratulations!!
You ARE so ready for Ironman WI. 47 days from now, you will be ready to accomplish a dream that you have worked SO hard for and so few people will ever have the ability to accomplish. I would love to meet you in person when we get to WI if it can't be before! :)