Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If it isn't one thing....

It seems to be another.

Ever since right before last year's IMoo, I seem to be plagued with small, but nagging, injuries.

I pulled a hamstring about a week and a half before IMoo last year. Although I rehabbed pretty quickly, it definitely did impact my biking during the race.

Then, shortly after the race, I pulled a muscle in the other leg. That took some time to heal.

Then I developed this weird thing where my arms fall asleep from my elbows down when I'm sleeping. Apparently, it is a nerve that gets pinched. I have bouts where it is really bad and then other nights where it isn't so bad at all.

Now, I have heel pain. Big time heel pain. I'm refusing to believe that I may have actually have plantar fasciitis. I am hoping that I just need new shoes.

I have been icing and using Advil and running my foot over golf balls, tennis balls and soup cans. Still having pain.

I've heard horror stories of this lasting for months and months and months.

I only have 20 weeks of training (!) week before Ironman Wisconsin... so I don't really have weeks and weeks to heal.

Fortunately, it doesn't bug me when I swim and hasn't hurt when I bike.... so, I'm going to give my foot a bit of a rest this week, I'll find some new shoes and I'll hope for the best.

Any one have any other recommendations?


IronSnoopy said...

Oh no!

Have you tried the Strassburg Sock? I have one -- I can't wear it all night, because it bugs me, but I do wear it around when I'm watching TV sometimes. It seems to help. I also stopped wearing heeled shoes. I know, sensible shoes aren't cute, but low heel/no heels shoes don't tighten up your calf muscles. Just for 20 weeks.

Good luck!


Beth said...

Don't give up, Amy. Get some help and don't let it fester. I've trained through PF before and it can be done, but the worse it gets the longer it takes to get over it. Take care and you are still in it to win it!