Thursday, November 17, 2011

Muy short and sweet

My last few posts have been pretty L O N G and involved.

This one should be pretty short and sweet....just a "catch up", really.

I just got back from spending some time in Naples, Florida. I was there for work, facilitating a workshop for about 25 sales people attending a 2012 Planning Offsite. (The offsite was held at a Ritz Carlton resort. Muy fancy. Muy nice. Muy expensive.....)

But the muy-est part of the trip was that I got a chance to see a very good friend of mine that moved to Naples five years ago -- Mary B.

Mary B and I met a long time ago, when we were both training to run Grandma's Marathon. We became fast, furious friends. Ran many a race together; did a lot of training together. She and her husband, Trevor, were two of a handful of friends that came to Las Vegas to attend Hubby's and my wedding....

Shortly after we were married, Trevor found a work opportunity too good to pass up that required them to move to Naples, so off they went.

Mary and I stayed in touch over the years, but we hadn't seen each other since they left Minneapolis, so it was wonderful to be able to see each other while I was in Naples.

We had dinner last night and then Mary and I got together for a run this morning. It was like old times, trotting together and sharing the details of our lives. It was muy great.


Oscar seems to be holding his own. The medicine is keeping any fluids build up at bay and he is playing, eating and sleeping just like a 'normal' cat. He goes back in for a check up next week and I'm hoping that the disease hasn't progressed much or, better yet, that the vet made a big fat mistake and that he is fine. "More will be revealed". Muy bien.


I had two interviews this week for jobs -- these were the standard, behavior-based questions that are routine for first interviews.

"Tell me about a time when you XXXX (successfully managed a project; had to build relationships with multiple business lines; had to deliver training to an audience that wasn't receptive, etc.). What did you to to YYYY (make it successful; ensure success; bridge gaps; identify opportunities, etc.".

Second interviews will be scheduled for after Thanksgiving, it looks like my job status will be a bit unsettled in to early December now. Still keeping my fingers muy crossed for the best.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I've been putting together a list of all the things I'm grateful for and am trying to review it -- and add to it -- every day.

On the top of my list is being grateful for having my health, because I know that without that, nothing else matters. Muy amen.


Finally, my birthday is coming up. I'll finally be my 2011 USA Triathlon age -- for a few weeks, anyway. I was supposed to go to North Dakota on a girl's road trip with some friends to visit Nat, but the weather is not supposed to cooperate. So now the birthday plan is to get in a workout or two, have some cake and be very, very low key.

Sounds muy perfect.

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