Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To run, or not to run.....that is the question

Hubby and I are ready to go to New York on Friday morning so we can run the New York Marathon on Sunday....

As of right now, Marathon Officials say the race is on; that adjustments might be made, but come Sunday morning, runners should be able to get over to Staten Island to wait for the race to start.

Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, I am THRILLED to be running the marathon and ECSTATIC to be able to run this with Hubby.   It will be his second marathon ever and our first running one together.  He has trained hard, is running really well, isn't injured and is excited to run the race.

He entered as a charity runner, raising money for UNICEF.  He did a great job working to gather contributions and has been a great advocate for UNICEF and its programs.

I think it will be a blast to run this race with him and was very much looking forward to enjoying the day, the sites and the crowds with him.

Enter --   the Other Hand:   Hurricane Sandy certainly left a mess not only in the city and along the coast, but deep in to many peoples lives, homes and psyches.  I feel a little bad about running a "fun' event when others aren't feeling that life so "fun" right now.  Under normal circumstances, resources in the City get a little tapped on marathon day.   I'm imagining that, on this marathon day, police will be stretched thinner; water for runners might be better used by people that don't have any; hotel rooms might be better used by people that lost homes.

Do I feel bad enough not to go?

That is the million dollar question.  

We could defer and run next year (at least I can.  I got in via the lottery.  I'm not sure what would happen to Hubby's number or if he'd have to raise money again next year to retain his number.).  We'd both have to pay the registration fee again next year.

Honestly, we feel read to run this year.   We are also ready to pump some money in to NYC economy.   We are talking about trying to find a place to volunteer some of our time on Saturday to help the city.   We think we should go.

What would you do?

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