Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Makes It All Worthwhile....

I had a great run last night. Really great. I felt strong, my breathing was just right. The evening was beautiful (above freezing and clear). Ran with some friends (Marcia, Kathy and Sarah), which always makes it worth while.

This is really only the second run of the year (!) that I can remember feeling good...my breathing has been way off and I've been sluggish on most runs.

We started the "strength" phase of the training, so we ran hills. It was the first night of hill training, so no repeats -- just rolling hills starting at the Health Club and winding though parts of Theodore Wirth Parkway. Total mileage last night was five (5).

It was great.

Also ran last Saturday. I didn't run with the group. I'm so tired from the week that getting up at 7:00 when it is cold to go and run seems like an huge task. So, I slept in and ran later in the afternoon, when the temps were "managable" (30's). Ran Calhoun, Harriet and part of Minnehaha Parkway -- total mileage 8.25. The creek that runs through the Parkway was melted. It was great to see some open water. Spring has to be coming!

The run Saturday wasn't bad -- felt pretty okay, although my breathing was off. Bumped in to another running buddy (Amy K) who was out taking a walk with a friend of hers.

I'm a little concerned because my check for Grandma's 1/2 has not cleared yet. A couple of my friend's have had theirs clear. I'm thinking there is a possiblity I won't get in that race. I'm hoping that I will get in -- I love that event. Duluth is a very cute town and they really do the weekend right. If I don't get in, I'll figure out another event to do and really concentrate on my Tri event.

I'm supposed to start coaching a Beginning Running Group tonight. Usually I love doing this, but for what ever reason, I'm less excited about it this time around. I'm sure I'll pep up once I'm out there.

Food continues to be an issue, but....on the other hand, I consider how lucky I really am to have my health and only a few problems. Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeve passed away within the last 24 hours. Both were in their early 40's -- (44 and 45).

I'm glad to be her, breathing air and feeling, for the most part, pretty darn good.

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