Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I have no willpower...

I'm back from San Francisco. I took the red eye home this morning. I got bumped up to first class, so I had a little more room to stretch out and get a bit of sleep. We arrived at 6:10 am -- I came home and slept for a couple hours. Now I'm catching up on work from my home office. It is nice to be home with the cats and in my jammies.

I am dismayed, however, at my lack of willpower (again). I'm heavier than I'd like to be; I'm in a "biggest loser" challenge with a few girlfriends; my pants are about as tight as they can get without going up a size and yet, I'm unable to string too many days of "good eating" together without faltering.

The meeting I attended brought lunch in -- standard sandwich, side salad and cookie. I made my lunch decision based on the size and type of cookie -- big and chocolate chip.

I was able to meet my brother, sister-in-law and neice for dinner and ate more than I should have there too. The snack shop was still open at the airport so, in addition to buying a book, I bought a bag of M & Ms...

I'm not always like this. When I turn it on, I can make very good choices and I go way out of my way to keep things "in control". (For example, I could very well have come to the meeting with my own lunch (sans cookie)).

For what ever reason, I'm just not wanting to turn it on right now. The irony is that I also don't want to pay the consequences (bigger pants; slower running times; seat belt extensions...)

I don't have much of any thing profound to say or add about all the reasons why I might be less inclined to stick with a program right now (frustrations at work; sick of winter; general case of "acting-like-a-baby-itis"...), but that is where I am for today.

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