Monday, July 17, 2006

It Was What It Was....(Time results for LifeTime)

I'm STILL Number One in my Age Group (and STILL last of all the Athena's that competeted...) but that being said, here are my results from the LifeTime Tri last Saturday == (Note: if you are really interested, the very long, very descriptive report is the posting just prior to this one):

Swim: 1:00:49 Really terrible time. NEXT year, this is where I should be able to really knock some minutes off. Need to do much more open water swimming.
T1 (Transition One): 3:51.03 So happy to just be out of the water, I took a little extra time to appreciate dry land.
Bike: 1:30 Faster than anticipated, but still everyone kept passing ME.
T2 (Transition Two): 3:16 How the heck long does it take to whip off a helmut, rack a bike, put on a race belt and baseball hat and GO????
Run: 39:44 Slower than a normal 5K, but I lollygagged under the waterhose that the Minneapolis Fire Department rigged up for us.
Total: 3:17:39.

Not dead last of all the Oly racers, but pretty darn close. The real point is: I'm not dead.

My great friend Dori found me at the finish line and took a snap of me with her "crap cam". So here I am, in all my post-race glory.


Lisa Marier said...

You GO girl!! I'm so impressed that you do this. Who gives a *((#$*(! if yer not in the top ten or twenty. You did it and I think you're a GODDESS!

Lisa Schwimmer Marier

Dori said...

Ditto. You ARE a goddess! This is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud. You were strong to the finish and that's what counts. I am really proud of you.

kat said...

Great job. I am so so impressed by your determination. It was hot and humid just watching the event.

Michelle said...

You look great and you did great! You sound a little negative in your report, but you SO deserve to be proud of your accomplishment. I hope you feel some of that inside!

You're a great inspiration.

lcm said...


You did something most people wouldn't even attempt. You should be darned proud of yourself!

Way to go Amy!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

You look GREAT in that photo, so happy!!! You completed the tri, WOW!!!!!

That is just awesome. Can't believe you ran a 5K after doing all that, man, you rock!!!!!!


Natalie said...

Great job, you are so awesome. I can't imagine doing what you just did!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job! Very impressive - especially on a hot day!! Take the 1st in age group and be proud - it isn't your problem they didn't show up! You did, you were great and that is all that matters!!! Congrats! Jeanne in Reno