Friday, July 14, 2006


Tomorrow is the big day -- LifeTime Triathlon!

I'm home, carbo-loaded, packed and hopefully ready.

My bike rack is on the car -- the bike is on the rack; all my race numbers are appropriately affixed to my bike, helmut and race belt.

I'm trying to relax, but finding that very difficult.

It is going to be very, very hot tomorrow. Air temp about 95 -- heat index in the afternoon of over 100 degrees PLUS humidity.

The organizers slipped a piece of paper in to our "goodie" bag indicating that they reserve the right to shorten the course or to cancel the event entirely. I'm hoping that does not happen.

They are also going to make the wetsuit decision tomorrow morning. Seems kind of silly that, with the air temp so hot, that wetsuits would even be an option. I'm pretty sure I can skip wearing one, although I would like the added buoyancy as a safety net.

I pulled a thigh muscle some how this afternoon. I've been icing and elevating my leg. I'm 99% sure that by tomorrow it will be nothing.

I'm going to "act as if" and have the best possible time I can have tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

I can't WAIT for the race report! I can't imagine tackling an Oly in that heat! That's typical weather here in Fl and I suffer everytime I do something outside at any time other than 5 am.

I hope it went well! Maybe you'll have pictures, too!?!?