Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've been golfing just about a year now and just L O V E it! I started golfing last year after hubby and I got invited to play with another friend and his wife. They were playing on a Couples League and their partner couple could not make one of the weekly rounds. They invited us to play and, although I dragged my feet as much as I could, we went and I thought it was great.

I couldn't get a ball in the air -- couldn't putt at all -- but there was something about being outside on an early fall evening, playing a lovely Par-3 course with my husband and friends.

I was hooked.

Since then, Hubby and I played a number of times last fall, squeezing the very last drop out of reasonable play time in Minnesota. Believe me, there were plenty of times when we were scurrying out there on the course when it was freezing cold wearing sweaters, running gloves, hats and jackets.

We had a chance to golf in Las Vegas last January -- another Par 3 where we were partnered with another man who was practicing his short game. Fritz was a very fascinating man to talk with and to learn from, making our mid-winter golf experience even more enjoyable.

For all the Minnesota golf junkies who can't make it out of town during our inclimate winters, we have Golf Domes available. Domes are big structures with inflatable dome ceilings where you can practice your drives and chips. Hubby and I frequented the dome often during the winter months.

Finally, spring came and we signed up for the same Couples League that our friends play on and we had the opportunity to play with them every Friday night for the past 3 1/2 months. Our last game for the summer league was last Friday and I'm really sad to see the league come to an end.

My game has improved -- I took some lessons, which helped -- and getting out every week helped too. I still can't drive worth a dang, but every now and then, I make a shot or a putt that makes it all worth while.

It is really nice to have an activity that my husband and I both can enjoy together. I can see us golfing together for many years to come.

That being said, one of my goals for this summer was to play a full eighteen, or "the big boy course" as I like to call it. Hubby and I went to a course about an hour north of Minneapolis yesterday and, man oh man, was I handed a big piece of humble pie.

Lost about a million balls; really couldn't drive (chip or putt) very well; couldn't really get the dang ball out of the tall grass very effectively; it was an amateur nightmare. Hubby didn't play his level best either, but still we had a great day out there together.

I still have a very long way to go with my game, but that is okay with me. As an adult, I've had so much fun discovering different interests and passions, whether those interests were running (started at 39); scrapbooking (started at 41); learning Spanish (some where in my 30s); political involvement (in my 40s); swimming and triathlons (40's), etc. Adding one more -- golf -- won't be that big of a thing.

I blew off a Long Run to go golfing -- the marathon is about 5 weeks away. I'm not worried -- yet. We still have a couple of long runs that will put me to the test. I also will compete in my last triathlon for 2006 this Saturday.... I know that I'll cover the distance, although I probably shouldn't be too over confident about my swimming or biking.

I'll keep you posted!


Dori said...

Golf sounds like a very frustrating game, but I know a lot of people who just love it. I've taken to watching it on TV, though, the last two weekends, just to see Tiger play. I don't know a 5 wood from a 10 iron but I can appreciate a good athlete when I see one!

Marcia said...

And Tiger is such great eye candy!!!

Amy - your interests and passions are awesome. I don't wish to add golf to mine but I hear ya about a great sport to share with Warren. He's a lucky man!

Good luck on the tri this Saturday! You'll do great!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

How cool that you are taking up a new sport!

I have found that the older I get, the more I want to learn! And the more there is to learn!

Have fun. Keep developing yourself. My dad (in his 60's) still says, "I don't know what I want to do when I grow up." That is cool.

Amy K said...

Good luck this weekend Amy! I'll be in Sioux Falls visiting with JB, so we'll think speedy thoughts for you!