Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trophy Wife

Another long week of sales meetings and travel just ended for me.

I started the week in Minneapolis (home base) attending a two day meeting for one of my company's sales teams. Monday was a blast -- we got to do a little team building by playing golf. The Manager of the group is a member at a very nice country club in the area and we played his course. My first "big boy" course.

We were divided in to four teams of four (each team had one woman). I golfed with the Manager, a sales guy and an account manager, who I happen to sit next to at work. We had a great round of golf and everyone contributed. I helped "seal the deal" on three holes, which I was very proud of.

Tuesday were meetings (bleah). After work, I ran with the Beginning Runners that I'm coaching at my Health Club. We had a beautiful run along the downtown trail. I got home about 8:00 pm and found that the mailman had delivered a package for me from LifeTime Fitness.

Inside the package was a very nice trophy: acrylic, triangular in shape, with a photo of the elite athletes entering the water at the LifeTime Triathlon.

Remember when I posted about coming in first in my Athena age group? And I was joking about it because I was Number One out of, you know, ONE? Apparently, LifeTime recognized this as a legitimate placing because the engraving on the trophy reads:

LifeTime Fitness Olympic Distance First Place Female, Athena, 40 - 49.


Although I do thing that getting the award is kind of funny, there is another part of me that is HUGELY proud of this goofy piece of plastic. I feel slightly vindicated for all those times that the faster, skinner runners in my running club sniffed their noses at me plodding along in my slower-than-molasses style.

I really no longer run for the tee shirts (although I do like it when the race officials decide to give out technical shirts that I can use for running or long sleeved shirts that are good for sleeping), I do like the hardware (medals). The trophy is very nice and I'm going to display it proudly.

In ended the week on the East Coast attending another meeting. The sales group works in Portsmouth, NH, a wonderful seacoast town located about an hour outside of Boston. I have been to Portsmouth three times and just LOVE it there. Very pretty land; wonderful town built around a square, fun progressive people and great running routes. I ran on Thursday night for about an hour -- through the town, out towards the sea, through some beautiful neighborhoods. Felt terrific!

We had a fancy dinner on Thursday night -- the sales team, some of their preferred customers and some of us from Minneapolis. We ate outside overlooking a beautiful bay.

The meetings were held on Friday morning and, frankly, this group is probably the most grumbly of them all. They complain about everything. My presentation kicked off the meeting at 7:30 am and, from what I hear, the group stayed out the night before partying. Imagine how happy there were to hear from me, then, bright and early in the A. of M.

I got through it, meetings ended and we were on our way home. Phew.

Got home in time to meet Hubby and our friends for our golf league where I played a really great round of golf. Yippee!

Next week, I'm in town all week (yippee!) and Hubby and I will celebrate our 1-year anniversary (yippee!)

Wonder how he feels about having a Trophy Wife?


Nat said...

CONGRATS!! You DO rock! A trophy?! Congrats on the one year. Hope to see you soon.

Dori said...

You should be proud of that trophy because you totally deserve it! You worked hard for that tri and it doesn't matter if you were the only one in your category. You went out and did it and that's what counts.

I bet hubby is jealous of your trophy--and proud of you! Happy first anniversary. :-)

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I remember when you won that, and WOW, glad they recognized your achievement!!!!!!! Well deserved!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

PS--Happy anniversary, of course! :-)

Michelle said...

I swear, I would drill holes in that thing and wear it around my neck for months so everyone could see it! ;) Congratulations!

And happy anniversary!