Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Switzerland = Lost

Not a huge post here -- our day is winding to a fast end here in Switzerland.

Started great on the train ride through France. Unbelieveably beautiful scenery, especially getting close to the Alps.

Got to Lusanne and had our first encounter with the lovely bathrooms. We didn't have to pay money but paid in other ways. Good thing I'm a runner and used to portapotties.

Train to Bern went smoothly and efficiently. (The Swiss are nothing if not efficient). However, Miss Organized somehow left the envelope with all of our train tickets and Europass ON THE TRAIN that went on to Zurich.

Panic city.

Friendly Swiss Rail guy sent an efficent email to the conductor on the train, who found the tickets and we made an unplanned trip to Zurich today to retrieve them.


Zurich was fantastic; got back to Bern in enough time to enjoy this picture-postcard city. Getting ready to hop another train to Italy. Will be there by breakfast.

Hubby had his beloved sausage and sauerkraut in Zurich today. He looked incredibly happy and content enjoying lunch.

At least he got a "reward" for my forgetfulness, although he is not letting me hold on to the tickets for awhile.....

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Dori said...

Wow, are you lucky to have gotten those tickets back. I'm glad it worked out for you. You won't need Starbucks in Italy. If you go to Rome, go to Sant'Eustachio for a machiato. They roast the coffee beans the way God intended--by wood fire! It's near the Pantheon. In fact, if you have room in your luggage, would you bring me back some beans? I'll pay you. :-)

Do you ever reads Stephano's running blog? He's the Black Knight and lives in Civitavecchia, which I think is near Rome. He's got an e-mail link on his profile. If you're not too shy and have the time, maybe you and hubby can meet him for a cafe. http://cavnero.blogspot.com/

I want to see your pictures when you get back.

PS: I have 19 years today.