Monday, May 28, 2007

Long Days

Days are long -- not just because we are approaching June 21st -- the longest day of the year -- but because the Edina Art Fair is June 1st and Hubby is really working to finalize his booth and photos.

Hubby does photography on the side and he is very, very talented. The Edina Art Fair is a juried art fair (meaning that a panel of people judge the work and determine who will be in and who won't). Hubby sent his work in last year (first art fair he tried to get in to) and was selected. We had a great time working the fair, meeting people, selling some of his photos. The problem last year was his location. He was tucked in an alley that was not well travelled by fairgoers.

THIS year will be different. He has a space that rocks and has a number of new photos this year that are breathtaking: some wonderful B & Ws from Europe and Minnesota's North Shore; great color shots from Europe and around our neighborhood.

Hubby works best under stress -- he is your typical "I'll write the paper the night before it is due" kind of we are at crunch week.

And, naturally, most things that can go wrong, have gone wrong. His MAC crashed and is now at the MAC doctor; he hooked up the back up PC and went back to printing and has run out of Light Cyan ink; so....we are certain to have some long nights before the fair opens on Friday.

I'm sure we'll get it all done, though. That is always how it goes.


The weekend was great. I got an 11.1 mile run in on Saturday and felt really strong. Finally got on my bike for about 20 minutes yesterday and was happy that I remembered how to ride (ha ha); today, I ran 6.8 miles -- felt a little more sluggish, but probably where I should be for where I am in training. Hubby and I also squeezed in 9 holes of golf tonight and I had my lowest score ever: 33. I had two pars and two birdies....Hurrah.


Tomorrow is another vacation day for me. I'll get in a swim, have a doctor's appointment and will meet my Beginning Running Team for a dinner tomorrow night.

Looking forward to an excellent day!


Sunshine said...

Congratulations on the art fair showing!!
Wishing you both pleasant weather and a rewarding weekend.

Sunshine said...

Surely we will run into each other at a race sometime this summer? I run with Sweet Pea running partner at the back of the pack. At my age, finishing any race is good.
Thanks for writing; happy running.