Thursday, May 10, 2007

LPGA day of Fun....

I went to a women's golf clinic hosted by the LPGA last Monday. It was terrific.

There were about 120 women -- some who took the day off of work to learn, play and network and others that were clearly the "ladies who lunch" set.

The host of the event -- the LPGA -- had one of their touring professionals chair the day. We were lucky to have a woman named Cindy Miller. She is in her 50's, played on a number of tours, was on the Big Break golf show, and was voted Golf for Women's Teacher of the Year last year.

I loved her! She was very candid, very brass, very funny. Just my kind of female role model. And she swings a mean golf club, let me tell you.

The day was very full, but also very relaxed. We were able to really talk with all the pros there, get great tips and they gave us a very fun goodie bag. (Nice touch, because this event was not cheap).

We were broken up in to teams of about eight, including a golf pro, who was part of our team all day.

I was part of about six groups of beginners. We spent the morning practicing putting, chipping and our full swing. The other women on my team were in varying stages of "begginer". Our pro was a woman that is the featured golf expert on a morning T.V. show here in the Twin Cities. She was great. Fun, informative, helpful.

After lunch, we played on the course. The clinic was held at a very swanky, private golf club that just happens to be located very near where I live. It was great fun to play on a course I've only driven by....

I think I picked up some good tips that will help improve my game -- especially with holding my club and positioning of the ball when I chip.

I'm looking forward to participating in the clinic again next year.

My friend, LaVeta, and I are also taking three lessons together. LaVeta and her husband are our partners in the Couples Golf League. I'm hoping that all of this practice will help lower my score over the summer.

So golf on top of running and starting to get ready for triathlon season. I'll be busy, but outside, which you can't beat this time of year here in Minnesota.

Ahhhh -- summer!


Dori said...

I don't golf, but it sounds like a great clinic. Too bad there's no race where you can run and golf. :o

Dori said...

Hey! Your race times DO NOT stink!