Sunday, February 3, 2008

O-bama O8 and more

A quick update to the weekend and then something cool:

With John Edwards out for the bid for Democratic nominee, I was sort of torn between Hillary and Obama.  

Like both candidates -- thought Hillary's experience could be beneficial, but there was that spark about Obama that I just couldn't ignore, ever since I first heard him deliver that wonderful, rousing speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention.

I've also thought that he's carried himself very well during all the recent malarkey the Clinton campaign (aka "Bill") was throwing his way.  (Honestly, if she was going to sling at all,  I felt that Hillary was sort of stuck in a lousy place.  If she had done the slinging, she'd be labeled a bitch.  Instead, she (or her campaign advisors) had Bill do the mudslinging, which made her look as if she was having her husband do the heavy lifting).

I also love the message of CHANGE that Obama is promoting.  I think he has some real ideas about how to make things better and he isn't afraid to tell people that CHANGE will be HARD.  (Ask any person who came to athletics in middle age after years of eating McDonalds and sitting on the couch.  They can attest that change is HARD...)

The announcement came the Obama would visit Minneapolis yesterday came out last Wednesday.  I jumped at the chance to go to hear him in person.   

I was one of 20,000 people that filled the Target Center to hear him.  The doors opened at 1:30 pm and he got up to the speaking platform about 4:00 pm.  

Yes, 20,000 people waited 2 1/2 hours to hear him speak.  

He was very engaging and very inspiring.   In his 54-minute speech, he talked about why it is so important NOW for change.  

We are at a defining moment where we have the ability to turn around our economy, our health care and education systems, our image and place abroad, our environment.  

I think he can inspire us, unite us and lead us and I'm proud to say I'm a Obama supporter.  

Other cool things:

Hubby and I went to watch the Luminary Loppet event last night on Lake of the Isles.  There were hundred of cross-country skiers carving pattern in the snow and ice on the lake.  The event sponsors lined the lake with hundreds of luminaries made out of ice blocks.  It was really beautiful.

Final cool thing before I leave for a Superbowl party:

I DID get my goofy 1st long-slow-distance run in as part of my Fargo training.  I was hoping to run 7 miles, but ended up going about 8.35, according to

This 'training on my own' thing is going to be very difficult.  I'm going to have to come up with some good alternatives to get me through.

Anyway, MapMyRun has a feature that allows you to post your run, so... here it is.  

I think that is flippin' cool.

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Sunshine said...

8.35 for 7: You are cooking, Girl!!
Mapping your own is more work, but you'll do it.
And lots of us cheering!

PS. Thanks for the Map-It site.