Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What happened?

I'm in Arizona (again). I'll be traveling here quite a bit over the next few weeks. I'm involved in a project for work which involves a lot of travel time. The good news is that the people are nice, the project is coming along and I get a little break from winter.

The bad news is that I'm away from my Hubby, the cats and my normal routine more than I would like to be.

I still have to get in training runs while I'm here.

I went out for what I thought would be a six mile run, but ended up only doing about 5:86. LOVE that Map My Run!

But WTF?

I'm running so sluggishly and so slowly compared to last summer and fall. My breathing is horrible. My heart rate zooms up, but my pace is slower. Its bumming me out in a big way!

My weight is up from the summer -- that may have an impact -- although it is still down from this time last year.

The really bad thing is that my slowness grates on my mind, telling me I've bitten off more than I can chew athletically this year ---

I've got to figure out a strategy to turn ouff hte commentary and to just zone in on the joy of being out there, continuing to plod along.

My first event of the year will happen on Sunday -- Tri U Mah indoor triathlon, where we swim, bike and run for 30 minute segments each. I'm excited to getting back in to a 'real' season, but am nervous (already) about the results.

First things first.

I'd just like to get home.


Sunshine said...

Yes, home must sound good! Although running outdoors sounds sort of nifty too.
What is the elevation where you are.. any chance that could be a factor? We are having trouble getting motivated to do resistance workouts .. when we can't get outside.. not sure what sense that makes.
Thanks for stopping by. Keep us posted.

Dori said...

I think winter makes a person run slower--something about the cold... Don't worry, you'll be fine. I believe in you! :-)