Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy Moley -- less than 50 days!

Till Fargo Marathon!

  • Yikes, Stripes!
  • My, oh my!
  • Mercy, mercy me!
  • For real?!?
  • Whatchu tawkin 'bout Amy?

You get the drift....

I'm still on the fence about doing the full or switching down to the half. My training has been pretty half-hearted, if the truth must be told. Traveling for work and the "flipping winter that won't end" have really cut in to my enthusiasm.

Also, since I'm on an honesty kick, I really miss running with my gaggle of running friends. We are all training for different things -- we have different schedules / commitments right now -- and I've been L A Z Y on cold Saturday mornings, preferring to sleep in and run when it is "warmer".

And yet, the hands of time tick ever forward, leaving me with 49 days until the marathon....what to do, what to do?


Okay, I'm done with the melodrama.

I did particpate in a swim clinic last weekend. About 15 folks met with Dave, the Total Immersion coach I've worked with from time to time. Got videotaped, learned some new drills and techniques and got re-excited about swimming.

I also met with a tri coach that I'd been considering working with -- Ben Popp. We had a great conversation and I'm seriously considering working with him as I prepare for Pigman 1/2 Iron . He gave me a couple of swim/bike workouts to do while I'm finalizing prep for Fargo.

AND! I finally bought bike shoes! Once I get the pedals attached to my bike, I'll take a picture and post it. All I can remember at this point is that they are Shimano. (Yeah, like 1 billion other pairs of biking shoes....)

Finally, although Toyota is not going to sponsor athletes in 2008, Stay Put elastics by Goody is, and I just found out I was selected for that team! Yippee! Another free uniform that can be easily coupled with "performance anxiety".... Now I have to do reasonably well this season.

Ohhhh, the pressure! (back to the melodrama).

Tomorrow, if I can drag my butt out of bed early, I'll run with my friends for part of their training run and then do an addition lag on my own.

Tomorrow night, Hubby and I have a night on the town with my good friend Mary and her beaux, Tom. Dinner and the theatre....

Maybe having the theatre on my brain is why I'm so melodramatic...

The end......(applause, and....curtain!)

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