Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Snow

It is March in Minnesota and that means SNOW.

We never seem to escape this last ditch effort made by Miss Winter to blanket the landscape (and roads) ONCE AGAIN with the white stuff.

The WET, HEAVY white stuff....

The good news is that the temps are warm enough that it doesn't stick around for too long and it is really quite pretty.

The bad news is that it is SNOW and, if I may speak for all Minnesotans, by this time of year, we have HAD IT.

It also makes running a bit of a mess.

We had a snow shower earlier this week that dropped about 3 inches -- which promptly melted the next day. Last night, the flakes started falling again and they haven't stopped yet. Looks like we have had about 2 inches fall so far and it isn't scheduled to stop until late tonight. By the time this ends, we could have 6 inches to contend with, just in time for my Long Slow Distance run.

I've got scheduled a run of about 14 -15 miles. If it is really snowy in the morning, I will decide if I should go out for 2 plus hours and get wet feet or potentially do the run on the dreaded treadmill.

I'm hoping to get outside and to even run with some of the folks at my Evil Twin is trying to convince me to not get up early, not get wet feet and to spend the morning in bed, under the covers with Hubby and the kitties.

I also have a swim clinic tomorrow afternoon, which I'm looking forward to. It has been awhile since I've been at a clinic or had a lesson, so I'm looking forward to some structured time in the pool.

I've been doing a lot of research to try to find some structured programs to help me with tri training and general fitness issues. (I'm on a personal strike towards my Health Club at this point, being a little self-righteous and sanctimonious for a multitude of real and perceived reasons, which means I'm in no mood to hand over any more cash to them then I possibly have to right now....)

There are some options I'm considering, but have not made a commitment yet.

I'm also having a really hard time (still) with regulating my weight. I've been off the sugar for about a month and no weight loss has materialized. I've been counting my portions and the issues seem to arise in the afternoons if I don't plan my food well enough and also in the evenings after I get home from running.

I'm going to give it one more more week of accelerated workouts and going back to counting Weight Watcher points to see what happens. If there is no result then.... I'm not really sure what I'll do.

For now, I'm going to log off, get a cup of tea and watch the snow fall.


Megs said...

Me too! Enough of this snow stuff. I'm torn on if I'm going to do a long run tomorrow, or if I'm going to do some serious spring cleaning.
How did you find your tri club? I'm looking for one in Chicago.

I'm on the diet wagon with you, no fun!

Hang in there!

Sunshine said...

Well, we got another 5 inches of snow today. No good places to run out here in all the slop.. so back to the indoor track tomorrow.

Trainers can be helpful.. but I did read the other day that ultimately it can be good to be in charge of your own training...?

I think eating almost exclusively Core Foods (WW) is the most healthy. But I'm stuck, too.. at goal.. but that is too heavy for me.
Small protein snacks (a few nuts, cheese, yogurt) can help calm appetite. Take a look at my cooking on
I wish you good luck... Maybe we could be WW partners???!!!

Sunshine said...

But hey... you are doing so well, you look so good!!!
Celebrate YOU!