Monday, June 16, 2008

Avoiding like the plague....

Yes, I know it has been an abnormally long time since I've posted any thing.

I've been avoiding my blog like the plague for two "very good" reasons.

1) I did my first outdoor tri on June 7th and had pretty pitiful results.
2) I have LifeTime and Pigman coming up and wanted to avoid looking at the countdown timers I've posted to help me manage the days before the events.

Yes, I' was heavily in to the "eyes-averting, if-I-can't-see-it, it-doesn't-exist, what-me worry?" methods of issues management.

But, like all good ostriches, I pulled my head out of the sand last week and got rolling on an official tri training plan -- with coaches and every thing!

They put me on a plan where I'm training six days a week, doing some "two a days". I actually like the training so far.

Of course, it's been one week.

But what a week it was!

I did three swim workouts (over 2200 meters); biked for over five hours (probably 75 miles or so); ran a couple of times, included a hill workout after a bike session.

This is more training activity put together than I've done in months. Yee ha.

It did come on the heels of a pretty lousy showing at the New Bri Tri on June 7th. I could blame it on cold lake water (65 degrees) or a hilly course or some other nonsense, but the truth is I was just not very prepared.

I did finish and I was not last of all participants, but I was pathetically slow in the swim; just marginally okay with the bike and much slower than last year in the run.

My next event is on June 29th in Rochester -- an Olympic distance event that I'm doing with my friend, Nat. It is one of our warm-up events before Pigman 1/2 iron distance, scheduled for August.

The only really good thing about having a lousy finish time for New Bri is that there is hopefully nowhere else to go but UP from there.

I just have to get the sand out of my mouth...


Sunshine said...

So GREAT to hear from you!!
Appreciated comments on my camp pictures.
Welcome back.
Good luck to you and Nat with Rochester... So fun to have a friend.
I love the double your pleasure, two-a-day idea ... having done it a grand total of 3 times in the last week and a half.
Keep us posted.

WADDLER26.2 said...

SO glas you are back and with a plan. GOod Luck

Marcia L. said...

You go, girl! Your training pace? Wow - very impressive. I'm proud of you! You're headed to a very successful summer.

Sunshine said...

Did you go to Duluth?