Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Those girls can swing!"

Quick post before I leave for Rochester to do the Rochestfest Tri tomorrow.  Nat and I are doing the event together to help us get ready for our 1/2 iron distance event in August.  

We both are doing the Olympic distance (.9 swim/24.something bike/6.2 run).  It will be Nat's first Oly -- my third.  

I'm also using Rochester to help me gauge how my training has been going.  I've been very diligent with my training plan over the last few weeks.  It's been very helpful working with Greg and Ben.  Most days, I'm biking in the morning (for a minimum of an hour) and then either running or swimming in the evenings (also minimum of an hour most days).  Of the three disciplines, my running is the most problematic.  I'm slower and it is much harder than last year.

I finally have my weight down in "reasonable land" -- that is the range of pounds where, when I get on the scale,  I am reasonably comfortable with the number.  I am very close to my WW lifetime goal number again, and within site of my weight last year at LTF.  

Yet, I'm running much slower.  

When I really look at it, last year I had been on that dang treadmill three times per week for three months before marathon training started.  (I was on a weight-loss/fitness program through my health club last year).   I had a much more solid base before training for Chicago/New York started.

This year, my running has been spotty.  I was pretty good when training for Fargo 1/2, but got lazy there too.  I can't blame everything  on my running club falling apart... my motivation really has to come from me.  

Anyway, I expect the run tomorrow to be fairly slow...

My swimming feels stronger -- thanks to longer workouts at the 50-meter pool in Richfield.  Coach Dave has put together some nice workouts for that venue and I think it has helped me with my water endurance.  

The swim tomorrow will be two loops in the lake.  We even have to get out of the lake after the first loop,  run 200 yards to the water entry point, and then do the second loop.  I've heard of that happening at some tri's but have never experienced it.  

I'm trying to use that as a psychological edge to get me through the swim:  "I only have to swim less than 1/2 a mile before I can get out for a small break".

(uh oh.... as I'm posting this, a big thunderstorm is blowing through.  Rochester is about 100 miles to our south -- maybe it isn't raining there and the roads will be dry...)

I'm excited and nervous about the event -- pretty much SOP for me...


The real reason I wanted to post today, though, was to give a "shout" to the LPGA.  Yes, the Ladies Professional Golf Association. 

The U.S. Women's Open is being held at a course located within a hop, skip and jump from our house.  

I picked up tickets to the event as a holiday present for Hubby and me.  Hubby had other plans, however:  his son just graduated from High School and turned 18 (woo woo), so the two of them went to some weird game convention in Ohio.

His loss!

I invited my friend LaVeta and we had a blast.  (LaVeta and I play golf on Friday nights with our husbands in a Couples League.)

I got a chance to see all of my favorite, rocking women players:  Lorena Ochoa, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer, Kerri Web, and Christina Kim and Natalis Gulbis (Love the first five for their playing; love Christina for her sassiness; Natalie is Natalie).  Also got to see Michele Wie.  Although Wie is a good player, I've never warmed up to her.  I know I'm not alone.  

It was awesome.   

If only I could hit the ball like they do.....

Wonder how they could do competing in an Olympic triathlon?


Sunshine said...

Good luck You Two!!!

Hoping all your activity fits between any storms. Rain isn't so bad when it is this warm.. but nobody needs lightning.

Michelle said...

Congrats on having your weight in a comfortable place. Have fun at the Rochester Tri! I hope the weather cooperates.

Marcia L said...

WOW (about where you are with your weight loss). That is super! Keep on truckin', Amy!