Friday, November 14, 2008

Cold, Dark and Lazy

Those three words pretty much sum it all up for me these days.

It is really cold here -- much colder than normal. I'm really not enjoying it -- but I have to admit that, because the cold has hit sooner than expected, I'm not as "prepared" as I should be.

Sure, I packed away my tee shirts and my cotton, comfortable summer outfits and am wearing my turtlenecks and layers. But I haven't yet switched from panty hose or knee highs to tights and long underwear. (Who ever invented CuddleDuds is a genius!). So, I'm pretty much freezing all the time.

I finally got out my Uggs and my mittens, but some how in the depths of my delusional thinking, I haven't quite come to terms that will not be 70-degrees again before the holidays.


It gets dark at about 5:00 pm. Just in time for me watch about 45 minutes of the news before I want to fall into a deeeeeeep sleeeeeep.

This drive to hibernate makes working out a little tough.... Sort of hard to do any pace work or hill work from a prone position under the covers...

What can I say...


I can happily report that Hubby and I spent some quality time last weekend at IKEA. We finally bought a number of bookshelves and storage cubicles to help get our house in order.

We have been trying to declutter the house and our lives. It feels pretty good to let go of some of the stuff we've been holding on to -- donating some stuff; recycling a lot of stuff; just letting go.

I've also registered for a couple other events: The Thanksgiving Day 5K -- a HUGE event held in downtown Minneapolis and the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon,scheduled for June 20th. The tri is close to home -- looks like a fun course -- and will be another race to help prepare for Chisago 1/2 Iron.

Yes, Nat and I will be doing another 1/2 Iron next summer. Our friend Gary will be joining us in the fun...

Lots to look forward to --


Dori said...

OMG, you got Gary doing a half Ironman. I'm so impressed!

About the cold, my last winter in Mpls. I bought Smartwool tights. They were ridiculously expensive, but once I got them, I was sorry I didn't buy them sooner. Christmas is coming...

There are no Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots around here. And even if there were, they wouldn't be the badge of honor the Arena 5K is. Those were some of the coldest races I've ever been in!

Sunshine said...

Miserable weather!! Freezing, raining, snowing, blowing, cloudy.
If bloggers want a true report of this November they should read this post of yours, not mine.

I admire your getting signed up for races. We just don't seem to get going on that yet. When is our next marathon?? Who knows!

Several years ago, Don measured the Arena 5K.. but now we do a non-measured 5K in Stillwater on Thanksgiving morning (less driving)

Best wishes for keeping warm.. and keeping on running.