Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hubby's TRI umphant event today

Usually this blog is all about me, me, me.  

And then, after I'm talking about
 me, there are PHOTOS
 about me, me, me.

Today, the entry is about Hubby, who participated in the Lifetime Fitness Indoor tri today.

The event consists of a 10-minute swim, 30-minute bike ride and 20-minute run.  

May not sound like a lot to some of you out there, but it really is a challenge, especially if you a) don't do this much (as in "about once per year") and 
b) you really don't like the water.

Hubby can swim, he just doesn't like it much.  He had some bad experiences when he was a kid that soured him
on the whole "head underwater" thing.

Yet, today, he got in the water and did his thing.  

Then he got on a spin bike and did his thing harder.  (This too was a big deal, since he usually rides a comfy
 recumbent bike.  Today, he was riding an official SPIN bike, where the resistance was set by the race officials.)

Finally, he got on the treadmill for his run.  He had trained for several weeks (on a regular exercise bike and the treadmill), so he was fully ready for this part of the event.  

He finished in grand style and I am very proud of him.

My husband rocks.


Karen said...

Good for your husband! He did a gerat job

Sunshine said...

A million congratulations to Him!!
Very impressive.

Steve Stenzel said...

Way to go, Hubby!! That's awesome!!

Dori said...

And another one crosses over to the Dark Side. Tell him I said, "Good Job." :-)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Woohoo for hubby! I did the LTF Tri here and had loads of fun.