Friday, April 3, 2009

Out of hibernation

I must have fallen asleep in a cave.

The last entry I made was on March 13th, which feels like a very long time ago.

The last few weeks have been sort of "blah". Nothing too much to report.

Work is okay (which, I suppose, is news in and of itself these days).

Home life is okay.

Weather is pretty typical for March/April in Minnesota. We've had some snow, some chilly days and a few hints of spring.

Lake of the Isles is almost all open water now. Lake Calhoun is working on melting...

I'm anxious to start open water swimming but know there is a long water-warm up process that needs to occur.

My "training" has been spotty. My right knee is squawking. Not really sure what is going on with it. Achy; a little swollen. I saw a chriopractor and he thinks it is nothing serious. Just annoying.

The biggest news is that Hubby and I will be going on a little vacation next week. We are excited to get away and to recharge.

Hopefully we'll come back to open water, blooming daffodils and a true beginning to Spring.

GOOD LUCK to Steve Stenzel and Slim-down 220, who are both doing the half IM NO event this weekend.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Spring is here?? I can't wait to get outside.

Dori said...

How nice that you're going on vacation! You didn't say where or how long, but I hope to hear all about it when you get back. Sounds like you're getting out of Minnesnowta if you're hoping to return to daffodils. Have a great trip and take care of that knee.

Beth said...

Found your blog through Nat and Dori. I enjoyed reading it and will check back in. It looks like we are doing some of the same races. I'll be at Fargo doing the full and will probably sign up for Square Lake. Have a good vacation!