Friday, November 13, 2009

Exciting times for blogger friends

Several of my blogging friends have completed some big events recently:

Dori ran NY Marathon. She has YET to post her race report, but we did talk to each other shortly after she finished the race. Dori and I have been friends for many years. She is the one who got me in to blogging in the first place. . I am anxiously awaiting her blog update.

Waddler, now known as IRON WADDLER, completed the Beach2Battleship iron distance event last weekend. She wrote a really great race report about her experience which was interesting, inspiring and encouraging. (I like reading reports where people talk about the good stuff and the hard stuff. This definitely helps my mental prep for what I may expect during IM WI 2010).

TriSharkie did B2B too and had a very interesting 'heartfelt' experience...

Nancy Toby did the 1/2 Iron at B2B. She also wrote a great race and travel report.

Slimdown 220 did Ironman Florida. Another great job.

Beth wrote about her experience as an Iron/Spectator now IronWife. Her husband also did Ironman Florida. I'm looking forward to reading her husband's guest blog entry soon.

Sunshine posted some great pics and stories about her experience at the OBX Marathon.

Nat went through her pre-training tests with the coach we'll both be using. I won't tell you what she said in emails to me...I'll wait for her to update everyone via her blog.

My non-blogging friend Mary took her son to New York City to help celebrate their birthdays. No official running events involved, but running that city with a teenage boy? She deserves a medal for sure!

Me? I traveled this week to San Francisco where I walked a lot (but did not run, swim or bike). I've been successful at avoiding chocolate covered peanuts for over a week now. Both of my updates are exciting, but not nearly as exciting as those of my rockin' blogger friends.



Sunshine said...

Thanks for mentioning us!

Those who did the B2B are amazing.

About chocolate.. we have switched to organic dark. (Trader Joes has some varieties for thrify prices.)

Thanks for blogger friendship!

IronWaddler said...

Thanks for the shout out. You are on your way to an amazing journey that will change your life!!. I am so excited to follow you.

I am not an expert but if you ever just need to chat please email me

Let the journey begin!

Beth said...

Thanks for the shout out! You have some very busy and accomplished friends and I feel honored to among them. Going to San Fran is pretty exciting and I can't wait to cheer you and Natalie on during your IM training and race.

Nat said...

I. Am. Tired. and it is just preseason!! See you Wed morning!

Dori said...

This is an exciting time for you, too--an Ironman! I can't even imagine. Thanks for the shout out.

Nancy Toby said...

Another thank you for the shout out!! I haven't been blogging enough....