Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm a

First things first: I saw the item above as I was looking up the weekend weather forecast on If you can't read it, the text inside the circle says: "Tomorrow's golf index: Poor".


More exciting news: I did an "official" brick workout last night. Well, as official as it can be for January in Minnesota.

My coach had me ride the bike for 40 minutes and then run for 25. I'm participating my first event for 2010 in just under three weeks -- the Tri-U-Mah indoor triathlon.

Tri-U-Mah is a really fun event sponsored by the University of Minnesota. Participants swim for 30 minutes, bike for 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes. The total distance covered determines the winner. I love this event. Pool swimming, the lane all to myself; lots of really great swag and food; very, very well organized. I'm always excited to start the year with this event.

My workout last night went surprisingly well. I still feel pretty "weak" on the bike (despite spending a lot of time on the trainer), but moving to the run it did not take long for my legs to loosen up and I ran pretty well. Hurrah.

I've got a long run scheduled for tomorrow and a long bike for Sunday. Dori is visiting from California and will run with our group tomorrow -- if the weather holds that is. We are in for some freezing rain. Should make the Winter Carnival events lots of "fun". Wish Steve Stenzel "GOOD LUCK" if you get a chance.

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IronWaddler said...

Lovin' following your journey ! So many firsts ahead. 2010 will be great.