Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time Trial Week Arrives

I have been a total holiday slug.

I've been eating all the foods that I normally do not eat (summer sausage; crab cakes; filo-dough deliciousness stuff; pigs-in-blanket and MORE). Plus, sugar, sugar, sugar.

Add to my nutritional mix general laziness blamed on freezing cold weather and my "busy" schedule.

Slug. Slug City. Skulky Slug City.

Skulky because I've been looking at my training plan every day and then pretty much every day deciding NOT to do the plan. I have been artfully skulking around any contact with my coach so he doesn't technically know that I've not been a very good girl.

I have had a couple exceptions: I ran the Polar Dash 5K on New Years Day. Fun event followed by a post race cookie and hot chocolate and THEN breakfast. I also got to the gym to do a run workout and have been on the trainer a couple times.

But as far as following my training plan? HA! Slug-CITY!

Well, the rubber is hitting the road this week.

I went on line today to see what my training plan looks like and it is TIME TRIAL week.

Yes, my coach has planned for me both swim and run time trials. He has also asked me send him my results, so there is no room to fudge. (mmmmmm fudge....... I digress......)

This will not be pretty.

But I have faced the music. I got on the scale. The new scale that calculates Body Fat in pounds (horrifying) and percentage. Also calculates bone mass, hydration and BMI.

I logged my food/nutrition. I am mapping out when / how I'll get my workouts in.

I'll do the trials and let the chips fall where they may (mmmmmm chips.... I digress)


IronWaddler said...

Good luck this week. We all have to start somewhere.

Beth said...

It wouldn't be a good holiday with out some yummy eating. You'll get back on track with your time trial week. Sorry I didn't see you at the Polar Dash. It was a fun event but with the cold we came at the last minute and left right away.