Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Final Four

No, not basketball teams.

I just got my plan from my Coach for the final four weeks of training before IM WI week.

Yippie Skippie!

The next two to two and a half weeks have some pretty heavy volumes, long distances and long hours.  For example, I'm doing a 20 mile run tonight.  Yes, tonight -- starting at 6:00 pm and ending sometime after 10:00 pm.

While some may think that this is totally crazy, there is a lot of logic to it.  For Ironman, I won't be on the run course until late, late, late afternoon.   I'll be tired and I'll be running as the sun sets and well in to the night. 

So for training, why NOT run after work (when I'm tired) and well in to the night?  Good mental and physical practice for sure.

I also have my last tri before Ironman this week on Sunday.  I'm doing the YWCA Women's sprint tri -- (500 yard swim; 15.5 mile bike; 3.1 mile run).  Super simple; super fun.  Well organized race full of women of all ages, sizes and shapes.  Incredibly welcoming to the first-timers.....

That is my morning.  I get to follow that by 70 miles of additional time in the saddle....all in a (Sun)day's work. 

Next weekend, I go back to Madison for my last training preview before Ironman.  On Saturday, I'll do the Madison Open Water swim (2.4 miles) and follow that up with 120 miles on the bike.  I'll ride the full Ironman course and then add on a few extra miles to get to 120.  Sunday will be an "easy" six miles on the part of the course where I've struggled the most mentally. 

Then I finally get to start to think about tapering.... there will still be lots of miles and effort, but there will be a hint of winding down. 

The last long effort is scheduled for Sunday, September 2nd, where I have to get in 75 mile of riding followed by a short run between 2 and 4 miles.  Hubby will be in Florida for his golf tournament and I'll be at home, mentally shoring up to leave for Madison on Thursday, September 6th.......

It really is just right around the corner.

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Amy said...

You sound like you're ready for race day! I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while. I plan to register this year for IM Wisconsin next year. In other news somebody gave me a Leibster Award and now I'm giving it to you. I've put a link to you on my blog at if you want me to take it down just let me know.