Friday, August 3, 2012


August 3rd.  THIRD!

This summer -- okay, this year -- has been just whipping by.  

A year ago at this time, the idea that I'd be at a different job -- that Hubby would be displaced from his job -- was nowhere on our radar screens.  Not even a blip.  Today, I'm at that (very) different job and he is spending a lot of time on the golf course and watching the Olympics inbetween interviews.  (Color me JEALOUS).

Less than a year ago, I was excitedly putting together my 2012 race scheudule, which included 14 events.  Today, I have three events left before Ironman Wisconsin.


The good news is that training has been going well.   I'm putting in the time.  I continue to be injury free.  As with most of us across the country, the weather here has been unbelieveably hot and humid, so sessions are hard physically and mentally.  (Please, though, Triathlon Gods, work your magic so that September 9th is a nice, overcast, low dewpoint day with a high in the mid-70s and no wind.....)

Bib numbers were posted earlier this week.  Mine is 994, which feels like a very good number indeed. 

Those of us training for Imoo are in the midst of our peak volume/mileage weeks now.  This has meant for some very long nights for me.  For example, I had a 50 mile ride on Tuesday night and a 16 mile run on Wednesday night.    I get home from work, change, putz (and gripe) for a bit and then hit the trails. 

Because I'm a slower athlete, I'm getting back home about 10:00 pm, eating a little dinner, showering, watching the last 15 minutes of Olympics coverage and then its bedtime. 

I have a brick workout tonight (30 mile bike tonight followed with an 8 mile run) and then a 100 mile ride tomorrow (Tour d Tonka).  Sunday will be "light" -- 5 mile run and 2000 yards in the water.   (My most excellent friend and training partner-in-crime, Natalie, will be here this weekend, so we'll run together on Sunday, which will be a super treat). 

And so it goes until about August 29th, when taper kicks in.

I'm not complaining.  I asked for this.   Once I'm out the door and on the bike or trotting down the path or in the water, I actually enjoy the time and the training.  I've seen some great sunsets and other breathtaking views; even got to make "friends" with three deer that were munching on someone's lawn on Tuesday night as I rode by.  (I had to stop and watch for a while.   I really love deer.)

I will say that it is hard to fit every thing in artfully.  Sleep, friends, chores, "stuff" all have to get squeezed in around work (and my new inflexible hours -- ugh) and training. 

I can also tell it is peak time in that I'm hungry all the time and getting a little crabby. 

But I asked for this when I signed up to do the race.... and there is a finite time to go, so.... I just keep shuffling forward.

I have also been very happy with how things are working between me and my Coach.   We have a very good working relationship and the plan he has carved out for me is challenging.  He has also been great in communicating encouragement and recommendations right at the right time. 

Doing the majority of my training on my own probably will work to my advantage this year too.   Although there will be alot of others out there on the course, it really does boil down to just me, my feet, my heart and my head out there working to try to come in under 17 hours.

Which brings me to my last update: I've been working more on the mental aspects of racing.   I read "Iron War", which fictionalized account or not, is a great read.  I'm in the middle of "A Life Without Limits" and have learned through both books that  every one hurts at somepoint during Ironman -  -- even Chrissie Wellington, Mark Allen and Dave Scott.   

I found some great tips for getting though the bumps (and dark places) and have been practicing them during training and events too.   One I really like is to remember that the event will unfold in circles.  At the top of the circle, you'll feel great.  As time goes on, it may feel tougher (the bottom of the circle), but eventually, the circle completes, as you feel better and get back to the "top".  The truth is that I'll probably go through lots of circles on race day, but just being able to visualize moving through the bottom and back up to the top should help.

So..... it feels like it is all coming together -- bit by bit.  While I'm still nervous the cutoffs I know I have the endurance to do it. 

For now, I'm just going to keep shuffling foward toward race day. 

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