Monday, February 27, 2006

"The Windy City I Left My Heart In..."

Greetings from San Francisco (the heart part of the title) where it is unbelievably windy (the Chicago reference).

I was supposed to fly out of Minneapolis at 2:30 pm today but the flight was delayed by over 90 minutes. Bad weather here on the coast. Rain and wind, wind, wind. I finally left freezing Minneapolis and got here, safe and sound, although the flight was quite bumpy. I'll be here for a little over 24-hours and then back to Arctic Tundraland. I've got a couple of meetings and am also hoping to spend a little time with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.

The really nice thing about today was that I got to work from home before leaving for the airport. I sat in on a teleconference call and then took a run to the postoffice -- literally.

I ran there to mail my brother-in-law a birthday card. The weather was cold (20's) but sunny. Not too long of a run (a little over two miles). Just nice to get out and stretch my legs a bit.

Usually I pack running clothes when I travel, but I was clever enough to check online for the forecast before I left.

It is one thing to run in the rain in your home city, where you have your jacket, hat, quick access to towels and a warm shower. It is another thing to do it when you are traveling and having to pack wet running clothes in a suitcase....

My breathing is way off, which is bumming me out in a very big way. I'm hoping it is really just a winter thing and not an 'age' thing or an 'asthma' thing.

My eating was almost okay today. After getting to the hotel tonight, I ventured out in to the wind to find a store to buy some water. I found that and a crummy Chinese restaurant. Whaddya do?...?

At least I didn't pack any boxes of Girl Scout cookies. (Those are waiting for me at home!)

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