Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where the H%$@ is the Sun?

It's been over a week since we've had any thing like reasonable weather. Rain, cold tem;s; more rain, more cold temps. Not particularly inspiring for training outside.

We finally are having a sunny morning, but the weather guys say it will cloud up this afternoon and, you guessed it -- rain.

I woke up at 6:00 am this morning fully expecting to get to the gym for my swim practice. It was sunny out; comfy in bed with Hubby and the cats. Back in to bed I went. My training schedule calls for a 3.5 mile run today and a 500 yard swim. Nothing too taxing. I'll get them in this afternoon or early evening.

We live near a chain of lakes and every day as I drive or run by them, I stare out at the water. It still looks plenty cold and choppy. I'm not so thrilled about getting in the open water for some practice sessions. I did buy a wet suit, so I know I'd be mostly protected, but mine is sleeveless so there is the "freezing arms/freezing face" hurdle to get over.

My new Tri Club is already doing some open water swims (or so I hear). They will go out again tomorrow. I may brave it -- or wait one more week.

I got a run and a 10 mile bike ride in last weekend. Both went well.

The one nice thing about the weather being uncooperative is that the lakes are not very crowded. When the weather is nice during the early weekends of the summer, the lakes get so jammed with people, runners, roller bladers, bikers and other human and furry creatures, that getting any training in during peak time is pretty tough. I pretty much had the paths to myself when I was out there.

Hopefully this patch of weather will move on soon so we can enjoy a bit of spring while training!

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