Monday, August 18, 2008


I finished Pigman 1/2 Iron tri yesterday. Nat and I did a great job and had a lot of fun. Our very good friends Marcia and Marty were in Iowa with us and provided the best support triathletes could ever want.

I'll post a full race report with photos in a few days. I just am not up to it today.

I drove back to Minneapolis today to sadness.

Over the weekend, before I left for Iowa, we noticed that there were wet spots on the bed where Gorby had been spending his days.

We thought a first that we had spilled some water, but Hubby noticed on Saturday night the Gorby was "dribbling". He was starting to lose his ability to control his bladder.

His appetite had not picked up much -- even with the prednisone and was continuing to lose weight.

When I got home today, I called the Vet at the U and we determined the cutting his dose of prednisone might help.

I felt relieved with that diagnosis -- until he tried to get off the bed.

Gorby couldn't really stand well, his back legs collapsed several times under him. He made his way in to the kitchen and plopped down on the floor.

Kirby and Lefty, two of our other cats, came to stand guard over Gorby, but this was clearly the sign that I had to have that enough was enough and I had to help my friend get to the Rainbow Bridge.

Hubby came home. We called the U and told them we were coming in.

We got Gorby in to his carrier and took the very long, sad ride to the clinic.

The people at the U and the set up has always been impressive to me. They have a very comfortable space for both the humans and the animals to say goodbye.

We took our time with Gorby; he purred and we cuddled.

Then when we were all ready, the very nice vet with the very hard job injected the medicine to stop Gorby's heart while I held him close to me and I sobbed my heart out.

I got to hold him for a while longer and then the vet took clay impressions of his paws for me.

I'll get him back in a few weeks after his autopsy (necropsy) and cremation.

I just hope that I was the very best support to him that he could ever expect.



My heart aches for you. I wish you peace during this sad sad time! Feel the love of the other two kitties and hold faith that you did the right thing for Gorby.

Dori said...

Choking back tears...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gorby but very proud of you for making the difficult decision to not prolong his suffering. My vet told me that we're fortunate to be able to help our companion animals.

Take comfort in the fact that you gave him such a loving home and were with him at the end. ((hugs))

Jim Smith II said...

Even though I know it was a hard decision it sounds like the right one and I'm sure when you see Gorby at the Bridge you'll know it too.

Our thoughts are with you.

Sunshine said...

Just read your sad news... So sorry!! My heart cries with yours.

Marcia L said...

I'm sooo sorry for your loss!