Sunday, August 3, 2008

Urban Wildland --

I got back from SFO, safe and sound. The trip was successful work-wise, Hubby-wise and training-wise.

I had that awesome hillwork out (see previous post) and also got a swim workout in. No, not in the bay, but in a pool at Club One. My hotel had discounted guest passes, so I took advantage of that.

The pool was small (only 3 lanes and 25 yards long), but I got in 2000 yards in a little less than an hour. I've been very, very spoiled by the 50 meter swims at Richfield this summer. Going back to 25 yards is "weird".

The shorter lengths also means I'll have to spend lots more time in the lake before Pigman, which is ONLY 14 days away. In fact, in two weeks, I'll be on the bike course of the event right about now....

Urban Wildland 1/2 Marathon was yesterday. It was my third time running the race.

Urban Wildland is a very well organized, pretty race. It starts at the Richfield Pool park (more officially known as Veterans Park), winds through a couple of nature preserves, through some nice neighborhoods, where the folks come out to cheer, and then finishes back at the park.

Last year I PRd at Urban (2:16:47 -- 10:24 per mile) This year, no PR.

Two of my friends, Cheryl and Carla, also ran the race yesterday. We all started together, but quickly started to do our own thing.

I ran really well to mile 11. I got there at 1:59 on my watch, which equates a 10:49 pace. I was doing my 7 minute run/1 minute walk thing and was feeling pretty darn good.

At mile 11, it was as if someone deflated the "feel good" balloon. It took me about 26 minutes to cover the last 2.1 miles. (Pitiful).

Finish time 2:25:02, or 11:04 per mile. Sigh.

The good news is this was my third best 1/2 marathon time....I also had a very FUN time, so that is good. I also have officially "covered the distance" for Pigman, so I know I can do it.

Cheryl and Carla also did really well yesterday, so it was a successful day for all.

So now, I move in to the last week of all out training for Pigman. Natalie and I were supposed to bike this morning, but it was raining so we decided to do our own workouts. We will hook up at some point this week to hammer out a swim or bike or run.

Cat Update: Thanks to Sabrina and Ginna for doing such a great job cat sitting. All the cats are doing well, although Gorby's status remains a mystery to me.

He seems a bit thinner and, although still eating, is not eating with the same voracity he was just last week. I'm supposed to get more information this week from the Vet -- so I'll have more info to make decisions and / or have a better understanding of what's to come.


Nat said...

Great job on the run! You're doing great!

Tri to Be Funny said...

I love that you still had fun at the race even though it wasn't a PR for you...You've got your big race in just a couple of weeks. That's the focus, right?! Very inspiring stuff...

Keeping kitty in my thoughts! Positive feline vibes being sent your way!

Sunshine said...

There are reasons for cats having the mystique of "nine lives". Gorby is hanging on for now. Good boy! We are sending good wishes.

Continuing best wishes for your "pig" training.

Jumper 2.0 said...

I ran Urban Wildland too. Thanks to finding out about it to you.
Wish I was joining you at Pigman. I'm registered but you know, a bone fracture here, a bone fracture there kinda ruins one's plans.
Take care and am looking forward to how you and nat do.
mojo to the cat!

Dori said...

Good job! We can't PR every race. Sounds like you were really doing well until those last two miles. Still, your finish time is very respectable for a half.

I hope next time you're in San Francisco that we can get together. You're always welcome to stay here if you can get away for a little while. You can fly home from San Luis.

Glad Gorby's doing better. :-)

Marcia L said...

Congrats on the work at the Richfield Half!