Sunday, February 15, 2009

Checking in

A little experiement here, with a video of me swimming at Tri U Mah. Must have been later in the event, because my arms are not recovering very well.


Spent most of last week in Tempe, where it was "cold".

Cold, of course, is relative. For me, temps in the low 60s felt fantastic. For Tempe-ians, it felt frosty.

I cracked up the morning I drove to the office and passed many people walking to what ever destination wearing hoodies, jackets, scarves, gloves and Uggs.

Heck, we Minnesotans would be breaking out the wet suits for our first open water swims....

Anyway: my goal was to work and to work out like a maniac.

I only worked like a maniac. We had number of very big meetings slated for Thursday that I was helping to orchestrate.

Late, late nights; early, early mornings and not much else in-between.

Fortunately, I found a Whole Foods about 2 miles from my hotel, which was also next door to Starbucks, so I had healthy food and good coffee all week.

I came back to truely cold Minnesota (temps only touching the low 20s) and to my loving hubby on Friday.

We spent a great Valentine's Day together, complete with a yummy seafood dinner (seared tuna and white bean salad, seared scallops and spicy squash).

Today, I SHOULD have gotten up early this morning to run with my friends, but I just couldn't drag my carcass out of bed. After I finally got up, Hubby and I took Sabrina shopping to help stimulate the economy -- er, I mean help her update her wardrobe.

Hubby and I did make it to the health club tonight, though. He biked and I swam. Felt good to move again.

Speaking of moving again, I found out I placed 3rd in my age group at Tri U Mah. Third out of eight, so not such a big deal, but big enough for me.

Goals for the week: Keep my committments to friends for swimming and running; keep off the sugar. Keep moving forward.


Sunshine said...

Whole Foods and Starbucks definitely do make trips more enjoyable! We found them in Birmingham where we ran this past weekend.

Dori said...

Congratulations on your AG placement! Did you get an award? I'd be ecstatic to beat 5 other people in my age group. :-)